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Otome Game Rokkushuume, Automode Ga Kiremashita - Chapter 68


Chapter 68

Chapter 68: The Few Fears

This might be an excuse, but the bottom line is this is less of my lot drawing skills being rock-bottom and more of just the flags not really liking me. Anyways it's not my fault.

To begin with it seems my pair was neither Sashia nor the girl, but instead a boy from another class. If he would've just been my pair, then my training camp could've ended in peace.

But then somehow I ended up changing with Sashia due to a bitter-sweet love reason.

The boy who was originally my pair and the girl who was paired with Sashia are apparently childhood friends that are officially engaged.

Although it's rather questionable since the two are still only in middle school, this sort of thing is not that unusual in this school.

Being engaged to a person you've never met since birth......these sorts of engagement stories are so numerous for the upper class that it's outright annoying.

Apparently the engagement of these two were also decided by their families, but it seems the decision was made because the two were in love to begin with. In the world of otome games such heartwarming background stories are even prepared for mob characters, the difference in treatment compared to me who plays the villainess for all routes of the capture targets is astonishing.

Such treatment is truly enviable, but as expected the two middle school childhood friends couple have quite the good relationship. It's a healthy male and female relationship without any major issues, but the girl on the contrary seems to be uneasy because there weren't any issues.

She felt the distance between them hadn't really changed much from childhood friends even when they began dating, thus due to his same attitude she began wondering whether he really was in love with her.

A middle school girl with cute girl troubles.

Since the two were childhood friends they would be close to begin with so it's not really strange that there's not much change.......but love makes people blind.

They're still only in middle school, so there's no point in worrying over their relationships like some couple from a romance novel.

As a villainess who's life is full of drama, I think it's better to have just a stable relationship instead of a really romantic one.

However, for her who wants even the slightest bit of change, this test of courage is a major event. So I couldn't turn her down after hearing such cute worries.

But in regards to lightly agreeing without any hesitation, I do regret that.

「But I'm sure glad the other pair was with Maria-san~」

「Is that so......」

I am not glad at all!

I may have also been at fault for not checking the girl's pair first, but I didn't really expect her pair to be one of the capture targets of the game. That girl aside Sashia is also delighted, it would seem there were many people desiring this pair-change. Of all people I ended up getting paired with one of the lovey-dovey engaged couple.

Perhaps I should withdraw what I said about this being less of me being bad at lot drawing.

Or rather, should he really be participating?

「......Are you really fine with participating?」


「Because you......」

「Sasha, are you paired with Mariabell-sama?」

A cute sounding girl's voice interrupted my words, then just like the impression I formed from the sound of her voice, a cute looking girl came between me and Sashia.

She had on a friendly looking smile and was someone I saw often around Sashia.

「Sarah, what's wrong?」

「I came over to hand out a map」

「Hm? Wasn't Sarah just in charge with making the lots?」

「Since there are many participants I am helping out~」

Judging from the lighthearted tone from their exchanges the two are likely good friends. I was completely excluded.

If she was on such good terms with him, I would definitely like her to take my place.

「Mariabell-sama, if Sasha does anything strange please don't hesitate to scream!」

「Don't say something so misleading!」


It would appear she's quite friendly...

Although since she's a friend of Sashia, it's not strange for her character to be similar to his to some extent, I'm currently still unfamiliar with most of my classmates.

I don't really believe in this much since all my friends are rather different from each other, but it seems similarity does breed friendship.

「Sasha is last right? Since I'm going second, I'll be going ahead~」

「Don't trip~」

Sarah kept smiling brightly until she was out of sight, she was very cute. I could see the difference in feminine charm.

But she's also good friends with Sashia.....Un, safer to not associate. She seems to be a good person but since her type is completely different from mine, I don't have any chance.

Hmm, that aside......

「We are going last?」

「Ah, yes, since I'm sort of the coordinator, we'll be the last to go.......sorry, do you not like that?」

「No, I don't mind」

「That's good, but I am sorry for having you exchange pairs」

Un, I also deeply regret doing that.

Not just because I ended up with Sashia but also because I neglected to confirm first, I don't care about waiting for the test of courage since I'm more than patient enough.

But my concern is not that.......

「I still have duties to attend to, once the first pair comes back I'll have to send the next pair so wait here for now」


「Well then, see you later!」

Raising one hand in goodbye as he left, an unfamiliar sense of anxiety was left behind the receding figure.

I can only hope this test of courage will end without any problems.


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