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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 254


Chapter 254: Unintentional Leak of Secrets
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’’It's Young Master Li.’’ Princess Ling Meng's face was still pale, while her mind was still
somewhat in doubt, ’’The Young Master Li had visited the palace earlier?’’
’’I had arrived at the palace yesterday to meet the Princess in particular. However, the Princess
was busy with something important, and we were unable to meet. The Princess looks even
beautiful than ever today; she really wins the admiration of everyone.’’
Li You Ran spoke softly and his flattery didn't sound vulgar. His voice was so clear and
sophisticated that a person wouldn't feel his to be comments ill-willed... even if they didn't
exactly make one happy.
’’Young Master Li talks very pleasant.’’ Princess Ling Meng had gotten accustomed to flattery
growing-up. Hence, she didn't take his words seriously. ’’Young Master Li must've had a reason
to come looking for Ling Meng? I request Young Master Li to be straightforward since the
Princess is exhausted and wishes to return to the Palace.’’
’’I heard that a mysterious Sky Xuan expert cast-out a throwing knife to rescue the Princess
when she was attacked by assassins. I've heard that the Princess keeps that knife in her private
collection.’’ Li You Ran casually chuckled as he leisurely spoke about the matter as if it were
trivia, ’’Would You Ran be lucky enough to see that knife?’’
’’But I don't understand why the Young Master Li would wish to take a look at that knife...
Please explicitly state the reason why you came to the Palace, and why you wish to examine the
knife!’’ Princess Ling Meng immediately became conscious. [Why does this guy wish to see that
knife? What's his intention?]
’’The Princess may be unaware of this... however, You Ran had gone out a few days ago, and was
unexpectedly ambushed by an assassin. Things had started to look bad, and You Ran thought
that he might find himself in hell. However, an azure light flashed and threw a knife at the
assassin in the nick of time. The assassin instantly retreated and You Ran's life was saved.’’ Li
You Ran's face reveled in sincere admiration and gratitude. In fact, it seemed as if he was deeply
’’His favor has given me a new lease on life; and this has been engraved into my mind ever
since. You Ran has been making enquiries about this person over the past few days since I wish
to know more about him. It is a shame that You Ran hasn't been able to obtain any news of him.
It was only a couple of days ago that You Ran remembered that the Princess had also been saved
by a mysterious man once. Moreover, both men had used a concealed knife from secrecy to
rescue us. Therefore, it might be possible that our benefactor is the same person?’’ Li You Ran
sighed, ’’He's benevolent. He saved my life without asking for anything return; he's so noble.
You Ran is fascinated with this person.’’
’’Oh,’’ Princess Ling Meng pursed her eyebrows. She could faintly sense that someone was
amiss. However, she couldn't exactly tell what.

’’That person left after that. However, he left a few small throwing knifes lying on the ground;
they glistened so beautifully...’’ Li You Ran didn't seem afraid to share his personal memories.
Li You Ran's right hand went inside his bosom pocket. He fished for a while, and brought out
three small and delicate throwing knifes.
These throwing knifes were very different from the usual ones found around the world; their
blades were as delicate as a cicada's wings. The Princess could tell that these blades were
manufactured by someone with exquisite skills. She could tell that there wouldn't be many
people in the entire Tian Xiang Empire who were capable of producing such weapons.
They were impeccably delicate. They were so adorable that one couldn't refrain from caressing
them. However, the cold light flickering off their surface resembled an infernal demon that was
blinking in the dark of the night sky. They were quite sharp. And although they weren't big in
size, they were enough to send chills down one's spine.
One could tell that these tender and exquisite throwing knifes were weapons that could easily
take anyone's life.
’’The shape of these knifes look very similar. In fact, they look identical to the one I have.’’
Princess Ling Meng heaved a sigh of relief. She then smiled and said, ’’But, the material used in
these two variants is very different even if they look similar. I can confirm that there is a
massive difference in the art used to craft these two blade sets.’’
Li You Ran's eyes hadn't left the Princess's beautiful face ever since he had brought out that
knife. However, he finally looked away and smiled, ’’The make of the weapons is very similar?
But how could I know which one is better unless I get to compare the Princess's blade with
’’Young Master Li's blades look cold and sharp enough to terrify anyone. However, their texture
is no match for mine. In fact, your blades are no match for mine in terms of texture and make.
However, your blades are much tougher than mine. My blade is merely made of iron, while
Young Master Li's are made of an excellent metal. Your weapons are indeed worthy of being
called divine weapons.’’ Princess Ling Meng affectionately compared the weapons.
[These weapons must belong to the man who saved me!] The Princess had been able to figure
this out at one glance. [Only that unrivaled genius is capable of making something so delicate
and graceful. Only he is capable of making something so beautiful, yet sharp enough to be used
for self-defense.]
[These weapons are elegant, yet callous; bloody yet beautiful. If such is the style of the
weapon... then such must be the style of the owner... How could ordinary people like that
scoundrel Jun Mo Xie ever possess such elegance and grace? Ordinary people would never be
able to commission such peerless weapons!]
Princess Ling Meng had fantasized about her savior ever since the day of her attempted
assassination. [If such is the elegance and divinity of his weapons, then just how smart and
unruffled must that man be?!]
[Perhaps he's a man of peerless elegance and style!]
[It's disgraceful to watch that Jun Mo Xie pretend as if he's a man of indomitable spirit! He's
such a shameless guy! Humph...]

A man of indomitable spirit... well, these words were indeed appropriate to comment on the
hitman's personality.
’’I really wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the blades unless I see the one in the
Princess's collection, isn't that right? I really wish to know if we were saved by the same person
or not?’’ Li You Ran's eyes seemed fervent with anxiety. It was almost as if he had suddenly
received information about his savior, and couldn't contain his excitement anymore.
’’Heavens have taken pity on me. You Ran may finally be able to see another weapon made by
his savior. His grace cannot be expressed in words. Hence, I wait to see it with my own eyes.
May I look at it?’’ Li You Ran's righteous demeanor was indeed inspiring, ’’How will I be any
different from an animal if I can't thank him for his kindness!’’
’’That is true. Though, my knife isn't as good as Young Master Li's. However, I cherish it as a
valuable item still. It never leaves me, and I never show it to anyone. However, I will make an
exception since Young Master Li's words are honest and pure.’’ Princess Ling Meng looked at
him appreciatively. [I didn't think that he would be so cultured and refined. However, he is truly
an honest and a gifted man!] The Princess muttered to herself as she drew out a small
wrapped-package. She slowly opened it and revealed a small and delicate knife. The cold light
reflecting off its surface had been mingled with the Princess's sweet and flagrant bodily scent.
’’It's exactly the same!’’ Li You Ran seemed very excited. He placed the four blades in his palms.
The blades indeed looked identical. One could tell that the material used to cast them was
different. But the size and shape were exactly the same. Moreover, it was evident that these
blades had been cast out using the same method.
’’Heavens indeed are watching! I've finally found you!’’ Li You Ran seemed rather emotional. A
trace of a cold expression flashed in his eyes as he looked at Princess Ling Meng. His eyes
begrudgingly revealed a trace of frustration.
[Now I'm certain. That vile murderer and Princess Ling Meng's savior are related; they are
probably the same person. No other person in this world is capable of producing creating these
Princess Ling Meng was only a tempted woman in Li You Ran's eyes.
[If there needs to be a sacrifice... so be it.] Li You Ran sighed.
’’It seems that Young Master Li and I have been brought together by our benefactor's grace,’’
Princess Ling Meng's face reveled in a joyous expression. In fact, she seemed a bit bashful. This
unique and strange expression only added another layer to the beauty of her tender face.
’’Please look after yourself Princess.’’ Li You Ran's soul was a slight phased by the look in the
Princess's eyes, and her peerless beauty for a split second. However, he immediately regained
his composure, and returned to his usual-cold mentality. ’’You Ran must leave now. I will come
to palace later in order to meet the Princess.’’
Li You Ran bowed after he finished speaking, and then turned around to leave. He didn't even
bother to recover the knives, and left them with the Princess.
The murderer had been determined. Hence, the throwing knifes were completely useless to him
now. Even the fact that they were impeccable weapons was of no value to him.
The Princess was a bit puzzled by the manner in which Li You Ran left. [Young Master Li had
himself said that he really cherish his savior's weapons. And he carried-on about how grateful

he is to the man. However, he simply left these blades with me after he thanked me... it seems
as if...]
Mr. Wen was still standing behind her. He whispered, ’’The words of Young Master Li were
strange and roundabout. Something seems amiss... they were almost contradictory. Moreover,
his eyes revealed a hint of malice as he looked at the Princess even though there was no
provocation. He's definitely thinking of something vile. And it seems that he may have the
Princess on his mind. I can't think of anything else... other than that. Your Majesty, we must
put one or two guards on the Princess for her safety's sake.’’
The Emperor narrowed his eyes, and whispered, ’’But I also wish to see who this mysterious
expert is.’’ The Emperor noticed that trace of fear in Mr. Wen's eyes, and laughed, ’’Don't forget
that Ling Meng has a bodyguard by her side. And that bodyguard is a Sky Xuan expert; her
safety shouldn't be of concern.’’
’’Ye Gu Han? What if he proves to be insufficient? Or isn't always there by her side?’’ Mr. Wen
shook his head in disagreement; again and again, ’’It's been a while since the last assassination
attempt on her life. Wouldn't it be pure idiocy to neglect taking Ye Gu Han into account while
planning her assassination again?’’


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