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Noire De Plaisir ~ Pleasure Training Of The Fallen Vampire Princess~ - Chapter 7


Chapter 7

Noire de Plaisir Chapter 7


「Mou, I'll just give up the Magical Power and kill you right now...!」

「D-Don't be so scary....」

Looking at Noire who was rubbing the traces of the restraint at her hands and ankles while glaring at him, Eiji lets out cold sweat.

In fact, he doesn't know how strong she is. As long as it was a vampire, they are strong enough to kill humans.

Eiji tried to look away to get rid of his fear, but Noire keeps on looking at him.

「There is no one who dares to do such violence against this Sovereign of the Night!」

「You're exaggerating it...」

「Oh, I'm not exaggerating it!

I thought I was going to die!」

Noire had lifted her fist while looking at Eiji with anger.

Apparently, a clitoris being massaged with an electric massage seemed quite hard for her.

Eiji who thought that he was indeed carried away, told his repentance.

「Aah, yeah.

Then, I apologize for that...」

「......I don't see any repentance from you..」

As he looked eye to eye with Noire, he began to take of his clothes.

At his abrupt action, Noire screamed with a blushing face.

「Kyaaa!? Wh-why are you taking them of so suddenly?」

「Why......To embrace you.」

「Huh!? There's still more?!」

The black-haired blood-sucking Princess had her eyes wide open towards Eiji while holding herself.

She was bullied and she was in a half-dead state, she was tied up in a yoga-like pose and her eyes had almost turned white.

She had not realize that she had been deceived by that point.

「Moreover, you're the only one that has been feeling good. And I haven't been satisfied yet.

In addition, it has been since yesterday.」

「That was......」

Eiji's words are true. Yesterday they just kiss, torturing her nipple, and he also massages her, and pretty much tormenting her body. He never ejaculates.

「B-but! This is about me being used to pleasure and not about you being satisfied.」

「That is true. But then, I won't get any merit from doing it like that.」


Certainly, it is as Noire said, they are not in a mutual benefits. And they are not trading with money and the like.

It was simply because Noire needs to get used to the pleasure to gain Magical Power from Eiji, and she is doing that simply just for training too. In that regards, there's no need to satisfy the trainer.

However, it is true that Noire is the only one that is getting the benefits.

Noire thought that she won't have to do anything, so she keep on doing it.

「Fine, I understand.

But, don't do anything like earlier.

My body won't hold much longer.」

Before, Noire who had tasted the relentless torture from the electric massage in the yoga-like pose, strongly insist that she doesn't want to suffer like that again.

After thinking a while, Eiji suggest something else to Noire.

「Jaa, How about this....」


†  †  †


Noire was standing on her legs on Eiji's waist, and slowly lowering her waist down while both of her hands was holding on his groin.

Eiji proposed the so called woman-on-top that Noire was doing right now.

If this is the case, she could control the pace by herself, so it will not be so unpleasant to her......Noire believed it and accepted it because Eiji said so. But actually, he only wanted to try this position.

What Eiji told her, is actually not wrong. But it was embarrassing to have his cock being hold by her hands.

This is a position where female is more superior than male, the woman-on-top position is a position that can't be done without aggressive movement from the female side. In short, he can't do this position without her cooperation.

Until now, Eiji was the only one that was doing it and Noire was the one who receive it. On the other hand, she must move on her own while in this position.

Noire was slowly taking his cock towards her secret place while trembling.

Finally, the tip of the glans touch her secret place entrance.


──At that moment, she was surprised at the pleasant feeling that she did not anticipated, and loss her posture. The knee bends, the body goes down and down, squatting until she was sitting on Eiji's waist.

The meat stick that was touching the entrance of her secret place earlier had slid violently into her vaaa** and was already touching her uterus in one stroke.


To the sudden intense penetration, Noire can't breath properly and she was opening and closing her mouth.

After doing so for a while, her upper body slowly falls toward Eiji's chest.

「Doing it so suddenly, aren't you an impatient one?」

「It-It's not like that.....

Pl-Please, Let me rest for a while.」

「Well, do as you like.」

Her narrow secret place had been loose a bit from the continuous cumming earlier, but at the same time, it stimulates the cock by tightening. Just putting inside her, he could feel a soft massaging from her vaaa** toward his cock, that alone could make him feels pretty good.

If he moves just a little bit, he was sure he could cum quickly.

Thinking that it would be disastrous to Noire, he decided to distracts himself.

He started to stroke her back from top to bottom to make her comfortable.

「Hyaaa!? Wa-wait......You told me I could rest!?」

「I didn't move my waist right?」

「Hyaaaah!? Not there......」

Eiji was still stroking her back until she finally get her upper body up. After which he decided to touch and touch her nipples that had turned hard and sharp.

The place which he had tortured yesterday had become a pleasure switch for Noire.

Rubbing her sensitive nipples, Noire can't help but want to move her waist.

「You could start now right?」

「I know, I get it already.」

Being told by Eiji, Noire slowly lift her body with her hands on his belly. And was slowly raising her body until his glans was almost seen, and then falls down abruptly.

「Unmmff, Aaaaahhh...」

Noire was trying her best to hold her voice that was turning in to pleasure, she tried to withstand it with holding her mouth in her hand, and his cock could actually touch all the way to the back.

It's embarrassing. While striving for calm, Noire asked Eiji while she was slowly moving her waist up and down.

「How is it? Does it feel good?」

「Yeah, It feels good but....」

「But what?」

「I want a little more momentum if I can. Like this......」

「Ma-matte! What are you gonna do......haguu!?」

Eiji who was still under Noire, began to move his hips up and down.

The spring of the bed also helped, it rhythmically bounce Noire on top of Eiji.

It was like bouncing on top of a trampoline, or riding on the rodeo machine. However, behind that bouncing is a cock piercing deeply inside.

Naturally, the up and down motion was turned in to a stimulus that scraped the cock and vaaa**l walls. And it was also touching her uterus.

「W-Wait......Hyaaaa, too much! th-that's too much!

It's, it's touching all the way to the back!」

「If it's so weak there, how about this?」

Saying so, Eiji change his movement.

He puts his waist and pierce up all the way to Noire's back. In that state, he start to rub her uterus mouth.

The gentle rubbing gives Noire a more violent pleasure than the previous one.

「Noooo, Nwot that!

Aaaahhh, cumming-cumming-cumming

I'm cwumminngggg!!」

Noire who came from the intense rubbing, slowly fell to Eiji's body.

But, even though she was already breathless, Eiji didn't want to stop.

He grasped the area around Noire's waist and started to pierce Noire's narrow vaaa** with his arms strength and intense movement.

「Ma-matte! Pweaseee! Aaahhh! I'm so sensitive rwight nwow!

I'm gwooing to die..!」

The vaaa** that had just reached climax and is sensitive, is being pierced by Eiji while ignoring Noire who was pleading shamelessly for forgiveness.

Noire who was being pierced had started to fall in to pleasure and had begun to lost her reasoning from the pleasure. From the corner of her mouth, she had also start to drool. On the other hand, Eiji soon came to his limit.

「I will let it out soon...」


The black-haired vampire princess is no longer able to understand his words. He want to cum inside of her, but he remember what she said about not cumming inside of her.

Inevitably, he could only give up the vaaa**l cumshot.



Finally, he pierced inside of Noire until it poke her uterus one more time. And Eiji also pulled out his cock from Noire's vaaa**.

Noire was having a huge climax from the last thrust Eiji gave her and also from the shock when his cock hit her buttocks while he pull out from her inside. At the same time, the white mucus from Eiji's cock came out like shower towards Noire's back who was still laying on top of Eiji.

「Ahhnn, it's warm.」

Noire who became tired after repeated cums lost her consciousness, and the warmth at her back is the last thing she remember.

Fortunately, she didn't get the chance to complain about controlling the pace on her own..


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