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Kuishinbo Elf - Chapter 33


Chapter 33

33rd Meal: Reunion! It's Red and White and Spicy!

Street vendors!

Today I'm going to the street vendors ... ... by myself (Smug).

I gotten permission from Reyen-san and Thrust-san, so there is no problem!

Besides, I'm familiar with all the uncles and auntie of the stalls.

So, if anything were to happen, they will help me ... ... maybe.

’’Oh!? Kuishinbo! You're alone today?’’

’’Make sure you don't follow any strangers that offer you food!’’

They seem to care about me ... they're nice people.

Today, I'm not just looking for a meal, but also looking for any rare ingredients!

Adventurers may sometimes sell rare ingredients cheaply without realizing their worth, so I may find something good.

...... But, my stomach comes first right now! (Hungry)

While I wonder about what shall I eat, I wander around the stalls.

I was unable to choose what to eat since so many things look delicious.

And at the end, I encountered a destiny-like reunion at a certain stall.

’’This, this is ............ !!’’

’’Welcome! I, open, shop, here!!’’

The shopkeeper of the stall speaks in a weird way of saying one word at a time, but what surprised me was the menu.

In the Langsten Kingdom, a store is offering rare Chinese cuisine!

And the name of the dish that my eyes went to immediately... .... ’’Mapo Tofu.’’

The sweet and spicy flavor of this dish is irresistible!!

But ... ... Am I able to eat it currently ...?

However, I came across it ... ... If I don't eat it then I'm not a man!

(T.N. Too bad you're already not a man.)

’’Ma-po-to-fu! Give me one !!’’

’’Sure enough! Just, wait, awhile!’’

I went to the table of the shop and look forward for the dish to be completed.

Soon enough, I can hear the sound of minced meat frying in the pan.

Juo! This sound is ...... the sound of bean sauce being added.

Eventually, I heard the sound of the main ingredient, tofu in the pan. It seems like it is almost done.

’’Here, thanks, for, the, wait!’’

The Mapo tofu is served in front of me!

The red color of red pepper ...... and the white color of tofu is artistic!

The green color of the garlic leaves is very beautiful! !

’’The fragrance is also unbearable ...... Itadakimasu !!’’

I carried the mapo into my mouth!

Spicy! The pores on my skin widen instantly and sweat starts to pour out!

But ... it is delicious! While being spicy, the deliciousness didn't decrease! !

The tofu also doesn't lose its shape and remain as a cube.

This uncle ... ... is not an ordinary uncle!

’’Wafuwafu...... gungun, gubigubi...... puha ~’’

(T.N. So... yeah. It is the sound of her blowing on the tofu, drinking water, and finally exhaling.)

I switched between the mapo and water many times.

Originally... I would full enjoy the spiciness and deliciousness, then wash the oil in my mouth with beer. That would be the best... but right now I'm a kid so I would just have to put up with water for now.

’’It was delicious! Gochisousama !!’’

I thank the shopkeeper who made the delicious mapo tofu.

Then I left after paying the shopkeeper.

’’Thanks, come, again!’’

’’I'll come again!’’

After I promised to come again .... I resumed to look around the stalls in a good mood.

Oh ... ... Next time it'll fried rice.

◆ ◆ ◆

After I finished strolling the stalls, I went back to the Healer Association.

I changed my clothes to my usual work clothes and gave a lot of effort to my work.

Of course, the hood is pulled down to emphasize the mysteriousness.

’’Next person, come. ’’

Fuh ... ... Of course I'm working seriously, I'm not slacking off!

It is to earn money! I'll sweat and eat delicious things~! !

’’Eltina-sama, is it almost time to change?’’

’’Vivid-oniichan, is it already time?’’

The time really does go by quickly during work.

Maybe because of the season, there are many old people with a cold today.

Watch out for your health! It is a promise with the saint! ! I wonder if the day will come when I can say things like that?

...This hood is getting annoying.

When I'm finish with my work and have free time, I go training like usual.

For tomorrow ... ... beat it, hit it!!

To finish up, I nibble on Peachy-sensei.

Only this can not stop! Hey ... ... (Guess face).

(T.N. Guess Face? ゲス顔-Gesu-gao)

Tomorrow is a real practice training again! I should try not to catch a cold!

...... Well it will cure with 『Clearance』.

(T.N. 『クリアランス』-kuriaransu)

Just to be careful, I decided to take a rest in the bed as soon as possible.


It seems like there was a guest already.

The futon is already warm because of the wild nyanko's body temperature.

That gentle warmth was enough to invite me to a sleeping world ... ... ZZZ.


Well, today's training ...... Hyaa, I can't stand it! It's Butch Rabi!

... ... And say, have you increased already? It's only been a day, what!?

’’Did another herd came?’’

Linda have a wry smile after she saw the group of Butch Rabi.

Hilitia who saw the situation stands next to Linda and answers ’’Maybe’’.

’’Hurry, let's beat them up and eat them all!’’

However, for Rioto it seems that it wasn't a bad thing.

He is always motivated, as usual. Already, the Butchi Rabi may just be a feed for him.

’’That's right, but ... let's not lower our guard .’’

Fokberto pulled out an iron sword.

It seems that the light sword is too powerful and the meat of the Butch Rabi has been damaged.

(T.N. Remember, his weapon is pretty much a lightsaber.)

’’Be careful of the ones going for El! You guys, let's go!’’

Following the instructions of Ganzurok, we started hunting the Butch Rabi at once.

Since the first day, the Butch Rabis are no longer our opponent. The students have finished hunting the Butch Rabi early.

’’The children in this class are all excellent children and I don't have much to do ~’’

And we got complimented by the teacher.

It seems that some other meaning is also included.

You can compliment me more? ......Huh? I am not included!?

Fukyun ... ... (Shock).

Well, there was such an exchange ... ... and preparation for lunch began.

Both men has grasp their roles from last time and went to do the chores.

And we girls starts cooking ... ....

’’Wow ... what ... that pot is weird, isn't it?’’

Linda noticed my pot and looked at it interestingly.

Fufufu ... ... did you notice? This is a cooking revolutionary invention, a ’’Pressure Cooker’’!

The initiator is ...... that reincarnation cheat, Futa.

He seem to developed it because his wives asked for it.

Futa appears to be quite a gourmet, and it seems that the food industry is very popular in Eltania that he governs.

(T.N. Anyone remember what the land Futa governs called?)

So, how big is it?

Let's go there once and see.

There seem to be delicious dishes there so I'm looking forward to it.

While thinking about such things, I put water in the pressure cooker, put the Butcho Rabi's rose meat in the cooker and heat it.

First, simmer normally. Gutsugutsu. (T.N. Probably the sound of the water)

Then I add soy sauce and seasonings onto a big plate and spread it.

Next, is the stewed rose meat and the skin of Butch Rabi (important). Place the meat on the plate with the skin on top in a octagon.

(T.N. Not sure about this part. Anyone? 次に煮込んだブッチョラビの皮付き(重要)のバラ肉を、皮を下にして皿に置き肉の上に八角を散らす。)

Afterwards ... If you steam it until it gets softer, it is the finish of the Butch Rabi kakuni that is not really kakuni.

(T.N. Kakuni is Japanese braised pork belly. Here for more information.)

Originally it would be better to steam for about two hours without simmering the meat, but right now there is no time to steam it for two hours.

Therefore, in order to shorten the process, I simmer the meat and used a pressure cooker.

I try tasting the Butch Rabi kakuni.

In addition to the meat melting in my mouth, the fat is twining on my tongue and I was able to produce a sensual texture.

The seasoning is perfect.

When I ate Butch Rabi's meat last time, I thought that meat resembles a pig, so I thought that it would work out well, but I didn't think it would work out this well.

We also used naturally grown spinach and wild ginseng to make soup.

The ginseng was sweet, so we grinded it and made it a hidden ingredient.

This will make the soup sweet and tasty.

Cut the kakuni to fit the number of people ... ... and?

’’Hey ... ... aren't there other children mixing in?’’

Unnoticed , another party have came over to our party.

’’Well, there seem to be a delicious smell here last time, so I came over.’’

’’Ed-sama said to ... ... so it can't be helped.’’

’’Because jiggling meat is unusual ... .... purupuru’’

’’So, Kuishinbo was good at cooking.’’

’’ It... ... it looks delicious. Jiyuri. ’’

(T.N. Not sure what sound effect this is.)

’’I went with the flow but ... ... El, won't this sell? If you put this out in a store, let me have a part too!’’

(T.N. Help again? 「流れに乗った。しかし......エル、これで食っていけるんじゃないのか?店出すなら俺も一枚噛ませてくれよな!?」)

So, the party that joined us was Edward's party.

(T.N. Edward is the grandson of the king. Appears in chapter 25)

They're waiting for the food with a smile that looks like a chick.

You guys ...... I didn't make that much food! !

In the end, I still made food for Edward's party.

It seems that kakuni was well received, there were people who ate it with bread or wrapped around in lettuce.

It seems that the soup was also popular and it disappeared cleanly.

Yeah, the vegetables are delicious!

If the material is good, even cooking reasonably it will be delicious! (Shivering voice)

’’Iya~a ... ... El's cuisine was delicious! I usually don't get to eat warm dishes back in the castle!’’

Edward said that while being pleased to hold me like a body pillow.

He is part of the royal family, so before the dishes are lined up on the table, the food have to go through the process of poison testing.

Therefore, the dishes will become cold during the process and warm food is rarely eaten.

I would normally feel sympathy, but it is something unavoidable since he is royalty.

’’Even though it was simple, it is very delicious. But, don't misunderstand! It is because Ed-sama said he wanted to eat, there was no choice ...... It can not be helped !’’

Sitting in the opposite direction of Ed and is rubbing her cheeks against my cheeks is the silver drill-sama, Clattan.

(T.N. Clattan Tron Babal is a noble with silver drills in El's class. Appears in chapter 25.)

She seemed to be a typical ’’tsundere’’. To be such a splendid tsundere character, the only thing I can say is ’’Fukyun’’ .

’’Iya~a ... ... eating this even makes my skin feel purupuru.’’

(T.N. Purupuru means like jiggly, like a pudding. Translating it may sound weirder and make less sense in this case.)

Gerroid-kun ... ... you were always purupuru!

I tsukkomi in my heart where no one can hear.

(T.N. Gerroid, the slime in El's class.)

He seems to really like the kakuni, and is competing with Rioto for seconds.

Seeing them eat it so deliciously isn't a bad feeling.

’’It is unbelievably delicious ... Ah ... ... once you eat the food of a glutton, you just can't go back.’’

Lick Milish of the Lizardman. He is from the combat-oriented race who have fighting as their creed. They wear armor only where it is not covered with scales and gaining the defensive power of heavy armor, yet staying light for speed.

It seems that he wants to become a knight in the future.

’’It ... ... it was delicious! Again ... I want to eat it again!’’

This fatty is Gurysine Rilissim Diranks.

She is a large girl and is the daughter of a senior aristocrat.

She loves eating and is always eating something.

She seems to also be a ’’Kuishinbo’’.

It seems that in many countries, cooking skills are undeveloped and ingredients will be put on the dining table, ’’whole.’’ Apparently, Gurysine was shocked by the dishes and is studying how to cook day and night.

Her future dream seems to be eating meals cooked by herself with her future husband.

It is a very maiden-like dream.

’’If you sell this meat in between breads ... ... El, if you add mustard .... there will be an impart and I think it will work?’’

’’Instead of regular bread, hanamaki ... a type of steamed bread might be better . Hmm, kakuni with mustard ...... certainly it might work.’’

Danan, who have smelled gold, is thinking of a way to sell the kakuni.

(T.N. Most people probably understand what I mean, but is there a way to make this flow better in English?)

As expected from someone who is aiming to become a merchant, he looks at things in a different light.

For a while, we just chatted with each other.

I heard Stilva-sensei's voice telling us, ’’End of break~ We'll be training while returning to school~!’’

It's about time to return.

Voice of a student who seems to be full with ’’Fuya’’.

’’Ok~,’’ can be heard from the students that are full and doesn't want to move.

Yep, it's the same in every world! The students!

’’It's time to pack up and return.’’

Hearing my words, everyone started cleaning up.

Today training ended without anything happening and we safely returned to school.

After having a meeting with the party, today's training is over.

◆ ◆ ◆

Fui ~, I'm somehow tired ... ....

When I returned to my room, I'm tired because I made more dishes than expected.

Cooking is quite tiring.

There is also the fact that I don't have much strength.

Even fighting Butch Rabi is less tiring.

Right now, it has been established that cooking >Butch Rabi.

Butch Rabi can go cry.

After I lightly trained, I dived into bed.

’’Nya ~’’

When the futon warmed up, the wild nyanko also crawled in.

Outside seems to be cold as its body was cold.

I would usually wake up, but today I was tired, so sleepiness won.

While feeling fluffy, I hugged the wild nyanko and closed my eyes.

By the time it starts to become warm, I've fallen asleep.


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