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Instant Death - Chapter 35


Chapter 35

Chapter 35 - I Decide what 'Death' is

There were only 4 Japanese who remained in the plaza.

Yogiri Takatou was just standing up, while Tomochika Dannoura looks around with a slightly downcast look.

A young man wearing a suit openly expresses his intention to surrender in full by raising his hands, and Masayuki was solidified as he stood on top of the corpses.

’’I am the lord who rules this area, Takahashi Ryouta. This case is all this guy's doing and I have nothing to do with it!’’ (Ryouta)

The suit man, Ryouta, showed his position immediately in less than a moment.

It is a flashy and irrational action for a lord.

’’What.... this? Wh-What is this!’’ (Masayuki)

Masayuki shouts such to disguise the embarrassment.

’’Don't be silly, hey! Why did the undead die? Why are the already deceased dying again!’’ (Masayuki)

’’That, undead? I do not know at all, even if I am told they are undead. Isn't it alive because it can still move?’’ (Yogiri)

There was no intention to mock, Yogiri had asked a pure-hearted question.

Even if it's said a dead body moves, if it's moving it will be alive.

He who is dead will not move.

That is common sense for Yogiri.

’’I dared to cut into what I was doing somehow! The words of the Moving Corpses are incredibly contradictory!’’ (Tomochika)

It seems Tomochika daringly didn't care about that point.

’’Everyone is dead. What will you do?’’ (Yogiri)

’’Damn itttt! Lain! Well, did you know this!? Instant death magic? I guess this isn't the case!’’ (Masayuki)

Masayuki makes a curse towards the air.

It seemed to be directed towards Lain and the others, but there are no such people at this place.

’’Isn't this the case when you are talking in confusion? I'm asking you what to do. The current situation is as you see. You can understand it with a bit of your head?’’ (Yogiri)

’’Ah, I was told to use my head a while ago, I was concerned.’’ (Masayuki)

Masayuki jumped off the mountain of corpses.

’’What's wrong with you! It isn't a sage's protection? Is it a Sword Saint? Or is it a dragon? There must be something! How are you killing the dead men!’’ (Masayuki)

Masayuki wasn't able to convince himself, he was so confined to the event that the Undead had died.

’’I will decide what is death. I will live if I move, and stop when I die. It doesn't matter what you think.’’ (Yogiri)

Disorder, Confusion, Exhaustion.

Masayuki showed mixed faces of various emotions until he finally filled it with excitement.

You can feel killing intent in Masayuki resembling madness, which dominates the area.

If it's a weak person's heart it would be enough to make it impossible to move.

The violent emotion of Masayuki, it immediately appeared in their bodies.

Fangs swell, claws stretch.

The coat turns into wings with the body, and the body is covered in black bristles.

That, it probably didn't take much time.

However, Masayuki had made an incorrect choice.

It was not the case when he was transforming.

A swift attack was the only chance of victory.

Speed enough to exceed Yogiri's thinking speed, that was something only God could do.

Ultimately, the defeat of Masayuki was as good as confirmed at that point of time relative to Yogiri.

Yogiri, he had reflexively responded to the killing intent.

’’You, atleast let him transform!?’’ (Tomochika)

Said Tomochika seeing the collasping form of Masayuki.

Masayuki, his half-baked figure could be said to be that both of human and beast as he collapsed.

’’Why should I be full of willingness to wait for this guy?’’ (Yogiri)

’’Well, here, I promised you. But, you didn't negotiate? What to do about the barrier?’’ (Ryouta)

’’I don't want that guy anymore. Hey, Mr Takahashi Ryouta.’’ (Yogiri)

’’Oh, yes?’’ (Ryouta)

Ryouta kept raising his hands, then swiftly shook his head.

You can negotiate with the lords afterwards.

This one is more likely to pass this story through.

Ryouta was supposed to have raised his name.

In other words, he cut down Masayuki at that moment.

’’For me, there is no battle strength at all. I think that I can't speak much if I don't know when I will be killed.’’ (Ryouta)

’’We are basically only doing that to protect ourselves, so if you do feel like that then don't worry.’’ (Yogiri)

’’No no. I don't have it anymore! Anyways, can I retrieve the keys of the barrier? Masayuki has them.’’ (Ryouta)

Yogiri nodded.

When Ryouta approached Masayuki, he crouched down and felt over his body, taking out a single key.

’’Well, I guess you still have zombies or something in the town, but what happens to that?’’ (Yogiri)

’’I don't care. That was Masayuki carrying the power of the undead in the barrier. So, dead people shouldn't become zombies anymore........ Well, I'll do something. There are countermeasures if it is a wild zombie. And, because the barrier has returned to normal, the citizens can come out. If you use a train, I'd like you to wait a bit until I settle down.’’ (Ryouta)

’’If that matter is good, then do you know what that is?’’ (Yogiri) (TL: He is referring to the matter where Ryouta wanted them to wait.)

Because the boss who had caused the incident died, Yogiri and the others didn't understand what it was.

’’Oh, that, don't get angry? The sage Lain ordered Masayuki to kill you. So, Masayuki is a bit crazy. It came out to such means. I did not want to let such a city become messed up. But, you can't go against the command of a sage.’’ (Ryouta)

’’Do you not have to execute that order?’’ (Yogiri)

’’I am also a mentor of the sages along with Masayuki, but I have not received any direct orders. So conservation of the city is top-priority.’’ (Ryouta)

’’Eh? Is the sage's name Sion?’’ (Yogiri)

Tomochika scraped his head.

He remembered that the sage who came to the bus was named Sion.

’’Sion is also a sage, but the jurisdiction is different. This neighborhood is under Rain's rule. I'm entrusted with this area.’’ (Ryouta)

’’However, summoned to that Sion, what is it like by killing a to-be sage?’’ (Yogiri)

They seemed to have summoned Yogiri and others to increase the number of sages, so it would be a mistake to kill.

From that point of view, it is reasonable to eliminate Yogiri who had killed a sage.

’’I don't know about that. But, I do not intend to disturb you, and I will let you maximize your conveniences.’’ (Ryouta)

If you had been show the extinction of the 'Immortality' team, you would not feel like plotting.

This should solve the immediate problem.

However, Yogiri had a floating face.

’’What happened? Do you still have something?’’ (Ryouta)

’’I thought this was the 'Immortality' group, but it seems that it wasn't. The darkness is getting stronger. I feel it outside of the city.’’ (Yogiri)

It was what he had felt on the way of coming to this town when he seperated from the robot.

As he had gotten closer to the city, it had decreased and was almost not felt when he had arrived at the town, but it is about to reach a dangerous area again.

’’Ah, that dangerous aggressor?’’ (Ryouta)

’’If it goes up suddenly and I say it on a forecast basis, it is over 50%.’’ (Yogiri)

’’If it's a weather forecast, isn't it supposed to be rainy weather!?’’ (Tomochika)

Tomochika hurriedly looked around.

’’... ... something.... it's drying up?’’ (Yogiri)

It was only a sense of incompatibility, but it seemed to only be true if said.

The wind was dry.

Besides, he felt that the air was rough somewhere.

’’What is that!?’’ (Tomochika)

Tomochika scrambled and pointed to the faraway sky.

Looking at the point pointed to, something black and giant shaped like a person rises.

It seems it was slowly approaching the streets.

’’... ...No way ... ...that Aggressor .... That one, is that Kurayami?’’ (Ryouta)

The stunned Ryouta was leaking so.

’’Do you know!? Is it not the aggressor robot?’’ (Tomochika)

’’Kurayami is an Aggressor that appeared recently. I heard that Santarou-sama had repulsed... ...damn. Is this where Lain-sama went to?’’ (Ryouta)

They heard a scream.

People are rushing into the square in a panic, it is annoying.

Kurayami stepped into the town very easily.

The barrier, it was not as effective on Kurayami.

Kurayami's giant overlaps with a skyscraper that can be seen in the distance.

The building disappeared in a moment.

’’Motherf*ker! The zombie commotion isn't over yet, and now there's an invader!? What do you want! Where are you running away to!’’ (Ryouta)

Ryouta makes a complaint as soon as he is able to.

It is that size where the movement seems slow.

But the speed of movement is very fast compared with people, evacuation warnings won't be in time even if we issue them from now.

The shadow of killing intent grew increasingly darker, which conveyed that Kurayami would come to this square.


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