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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Second Mission

’’I have no more questions.’’

This egg fried rice was so delicious that Yuan Zhou wished he could order another 10 plates. After all, 188 RMB was too cheap.

On closer inspection, the oil is the commonly used type but still it costs few hundred bucks per kilogram, just that as compared to the main ingredients it was not even worth mentioning. After all, ingredients such as Xiangshui rice and the special egg cannot be obtained just with money.

But it's still really sinful to use such precious ingredients just to cook egg fried rice.

He obediently placed 200 RMB in the money box which disappeared in a flash, with only 12 RMB change left. Yuan Zhou witnessed this scene with heavy heart. However, considering what he ate was cooked with fine imperial Xiangshui rice and Kobe eggs, he felt slightly better inside.

After all, I (laozi) am now someone has eaten such imperial cuisine. I shouldn't be so petty.

’’System, I feel that the price that we set is way too cheap, how about we raise the price a little?’’

With the thought that his percentage share only amounted to one tenth of the earnings, that means he gets only 18.8 RMB. Moreover, using such precious top-class ingredients but selling at such a cut-price, Yuan Zhou's heart could not help but bleed a little. He hastily suggested the above to the system.

System: ’’Host's rank is too low, therefore not permitted to set price.’’


’’How many levels does this so-called ranking have? Do my earnings increase accordingly with my rank?’’ Seeing the word rank instantly reminded Yuan Zhou of the splitting of earnings.

System: ’’Rank is too low. Access to precise information can only be unlocked when the chef has reached Level 1.’’

’’Forget it, after all, ingredients are not provided by me and rent is free, 18.8 RMB will be my net profit.’’ Yuan Zhou gazed at the hall outside while contemplating rationally again.

’’Wait a moment, system, why are there only 8 chairs outside? Are there no more chairs?’’ All of a sudden, he came into realisation other than the chairs around the arched table, the remaining space was filled with flowers.

Yuan Zhou originally planned to place more tables to accommodate more guests to make the business flourish, how could he accept this?

System: ’’Host's rank is too low, you only can unlock 8 chairs.’’

It was such a clear-cut explanation that was devoid of any pretense, but Yuan Zhou had the urge to hit someone.

’’Can I purchase more chairs? There's enough space for two more chairs.’’ Yuan Zhou asked in distress as he looked at the long table which only had 4 chairs arranged in front of it.

System: ’’If the customers are not sitting on the chairs provided by the system, the host will be unable to serve food to them.’’

’’Fine, you are the boss.’’

Yuan Zhou directly chided the system. Right at this moment, a new mission flashed in his brain.

[Mission 1]: Within 7 days, sell 100 bowls of egg fried rice. Mission starts now. (100 bowls of egg fried rice is too easy for the god-like chef in training, right?)

[Mission reward]: divine Class Egg Fried Rice set meal.

’’What does the the set meal consist of?’’ Yuan Zhou got to the point.

System: ’’1 set of divine Egg Fried Rice, 1 plate of pickled radish and 1 bowl of seaweed soup.

Most eateries serve seaweed soup and pickled radish free of charge. Now it scantily added these two dishes and it still had the nerve to call itself set meal. Yuan Zhou curiously questioned: ’’What is the price of the set meal?’’

System: ’’Host must complete the mission first.’’

Once the conversation ended, Yuan Zhou realized that the 7 days countdown had started.

’’Does the business commence today? I haven't even customised the signboard.’’ Yuan Zhou voiced out in aghast as he watched the system start the countdown.

System: ’’With your rank at 0, you are not qualified to hang a signboard.’’

’’Without a signboard, who will know what I am doing?’’ Yuan Zhou was by then lazy to chide back, he was continuously being belittled by the system due to his rank.

This time the system did not answer Yuan Zhou's question. However, the countdown timing was slowly decreasing, causing him to instinctively develop a sense of urgency.

Lowering his head, he looked at the short sleeved T-shirt and dark blue casual jeans he was wearing.

’’Looks like I need to change my clothes.’’

Once upstairs, he started to toss around his clothes in the wardrobe. The white coloured chef's uniform is not to Yuan Zhou's preference. Moreover, with the words ’’Jin Qi Lin Hotel’’ are printed on it, obviously it won't do.

He then unintentionally found a traditional chinese clothing at the bottom of the box. It was made during the time he was newly graduated and was obsessed with traditional chinese clothing. This was made to order. The ancient style was very simple and had the shirt on top separated from the kilt on the bottom, yet was suitable for wearing during ordinary life if it the sleeves were tucked. It was of a deep blue and green, which also made it harder to stain and easier to clean.

Once he put on the nostalgic traditional chinese outfit, his spirits were instantly lifted. Yuan Zhou stood opposite the mirror and looked at his reflection with a refined feeling.

’’Du Du Du’’

He rushed down the stairs in a few steps.

Yuan Zhou took a deep breath, looked around the kitchen that was filled with forbidden technology and the simple yet classy hall before he went to open the main door.

Outside, there were very few pedestrians walking along the road. He sighed and murmured to himself, ’’Fine, it seems like I need to use another method.’’

At 9AM in the morning, the warm sunshine penetrated through the high rise buildings, entering and brightening up the house.

’’Yuan Zhou, is your shop is open? Your outfit today makes you look vivacious, where are you going?’’ Boss Tong from next door was the first to notice Yuan Zhou had opened the main door. She protruded her head to look around, her scrawny face carried a smile as she greeted.

’’Good morning Aunt Tong, I plan to start the business today.’’ Yuan Zhou's mouth curved into a slight smile as he politely replied.

Boss Tong was initially surprised, then she suggested, ’’Try placing two flower baskets at the entrance, it will look more pleasing to the eyes.’’

’’Em, thank you Aunt Tong. I have called the florist before opening the shop, it will arrive soon.’’ Yuan Zhou continuously fixed both his eyes on the pedestrians walking by, cracking his brain how he was going to sell 100 plates of egg fried rice.

’’What are you preparing to sell? Aunt Tong haven't had her breakfast you know.’’ Seeing Yuan Zhou's taut face, she knew he was worried about the business. Considering their neighbour relationship, she asked to show concern.

’’Here, I am selling only egg fried rice.’’ Yuan Zhou did not tell her the price of the fried rice to avoid having to explain further.

’’No worries, Aunt Tong also eats fried rice, go ahead and make a plate for me and bring it over.’’ Boss Tong reckoned that it was Yuan Zhou's first time to do business he would be cautious, thus she straightforwardly requested for it.

Of course she did not ask the price. After all, under her assumptions, being located such a small street, how expensive can a mere fried rice be? It would cost at most 8 to 9 bucks.

System: ’’Due to host's low rank, they are unable to provide delivery services. As such, all food must be consumed in the shop.’’

’’System, can't we work agreeably? With you being unreasonable like this, how can I even run the business?’’ Yuan Zhou's originally composed face instantly distorted in annoyance.

System: ’’Host, please work hard to complete the mission. Only then will more privileges be unlocked.’’

’’I don't believe that I will have problems trying to sell such delicious fried rice.’’ Yuan Zhou thought about the ingredients used in the egg fried rice and his confidence rose again.

’’I am sorry Aunt Tong, we don't have take-away services yet as I have not prepared the take-away boxes too.’’ Yuan Zhou looked at Boss Tong and explained apologetically.

’’Seems like this fellow is embarrassed to sell it to me, I reckon it is not too appetising.’’ Boss Tong silently muttered in her heart.

On the surface she smiled and said, ’’It's fine, I'll skip it this time. When I am free, I'll visit your shop to try it.’’

’’Okay, appreciate your support Aunt Tong.’’ Yuan Zhou did not hold the slightest suspicion and replied with a smile.

’’Di Di’’

’’Is this Peach Creek Road number 14?’’ A young man riding a battery storage bike with two flower baskets tied at the back asked.

’’Are you from Xin Xin Florist? This is the place.’’

Yuan Zhou examined the flower baskets, realised they were just normal fresh flowers and were very fresh. He assisted the delivery young man to set them down.

Yuan Zhou specially ordered flowers that were recyclable. It is definitely not because the price of these flower baskets were half the price of fresh live flowers, but rather due to them being more environmentally friendly. Isn't protecting the environment every citizen's responsibility?

’’Five days later I will return to collect back the flower baskets, just make sure it is not damaged.’’ The delivery young man solely reminded that one sentence before he drove the battery storage bike and disappeared towards the end the road within seconds.

While admiring his shop despite the lack of a signboard, it had the appearance of a newly opened small shop that Yuan Zhou started to fantasize the scene of guests pouring in.

However, as it was Yuan Zhou's first time doing business, he did not understand the saying 'All things are difficult before they are easy'. Moreover, this was not about the difficulties normally faced when running a business anymore. After all, who in their right mind would spend around 200 bucks at a small eatery shop merely for a plate of egg fried rice?


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