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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 4


Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 4: Renovating

’’Coming.’’ A slightly limping fatty walked out from the inside with an amiable smile.

’’Yo, isn't this Yuan Zhou? What are you here for, kid?’’ The limping fatty was Boss Wang. Seeing Yuan Zhou standing outside, he immediately called out to him amiably.

’’I want to reopen the shop, and would like to request you to take a look at the water pipes and the gas pipes, then install a pair of higher quality stoves.’’ Seeing how warm Boss Wang was, he straightforwardly stated what he needed.

’’Kid, you've finally decided to reopen? Fine, I'll bring my tools over in a bit.’’ Boss Wang was easy to speak to, he turned around and went back in to grab his tools.

Yuan Zhou knew that despite how affectionate this Boss Wang seemed, his stuff was expensive. The wares he had for sale are great, but Yuan Zhou didn't want to get cheated either, so they went through an intense bargaining session along the way. In the end, they manage to settle for a total of one thousand five hundred yuan for the stove, water pipes and gas pipes.

The price may have been steep, but he managed to get lifetime warranty too...... If there were any problems with any of them, he could look for Boss Wang anytime. Yuan Zhou didn't speak much more after achieving his objective, and brought Boss Wang to the entrance of his shop.

’’Oh, Yuan Zhou, you're back. That person hasn't come yet...... is this person Boss Wang?’’ When Boss Tong saw Yuan Zhou and Fatty Wang pass by her shop, she stretched her skinny head to greet them.

’’Boss Tong, your business is still as prosperous as ever.’’ Fatty Boss Wang replied with a smile.

’’That's because I do business with integrity.’’ Boss Tong glanced at Boss Wang, and spoke in a mocking tone.

The water pipes in Boss Tong's store had broken in the past, and she had promptly looked for Boss Wang to fix it. The water pipes were fixed, but the price charged was twice the normal rate. Left without a choice, Boss Tong could only pay up. Ever since then, everytime she bumps into Boss Wang she would mock him for his shady business practices.

Seeing that Yuan Zhou had brought Boss Wang over, Boss Tong knew that there had to be something that needed to be fixed.

She took two steps out of her shop, grabbed onto Yuan Zhou, then dragged him two steps back and glanced at the smiling Boss Wang.

Boss Tong discontentedly said, ’’This Fatty Wang is very crafty, be careful when you get him to fix something.’’

Yuan Zhou thanked Boss Tong with a smile, then explained, ’’It's alright, Boss Wang's craftsmanship is truly good.’’

’’Youngsters these days just don't understand the market price. Fine then, I won't bother about you.’’ Boss Tong saw that Yuan Zhou didn't listen to her, then grumbled while returning to her shop.

Although he had noticed Boss Tong's discontent, Yuan Zhou didn't pay it any mind and turned back to Boss Wang and said, ’’Boss Wang, shall we go take a look at the pipelines?’’


Boss Wang was still smiling as usual, as if he didn't know that he had just been badmouthed by someone. Doing business requires having a thick skin.

Yuan Zhou brought Boss Wang around the shop, then he declared after a careful inspection that there weren't any large scale repairs required.

’’Your parents had vision, these are pipelines which had been installed by me. Look, even though they haven't been used for a while, the quality still shows.’’ Boss Wang's chubby face displayed pride.

’’Boss Wang's craftsmanship is indeed top notch. I'll have to trouble you, Boss Wang.’’

Yuan Zhou, who was about to continue speaking, noticed that Boss Tong stood outside along with a middle-aged man in simple clothing, then quickly turned around to ask, ’’This is the person who collects scrap items?’’

’’This is Master Li, whose prices are the fairest. He doesn't underpay at all, so selling the things to him couldn't be more appropriate.’’ Boss Tong felt vexed the moment she saw Fatty Wang's smiling face, and couldn't help but scold him indirectly.

’’This is all Auntie Tong's merit, thank you very much. Master Li, the items are here, please take a peek.’’ Yuan Zhou passionately went up to greet him. He didn't mind Auntie Tong's mocking at all, since it wasn't directed to him.

’’Little brother, these things aren't worth much money.’’ Master Li's honest-looking face revealed a smile while sifting through the garbage.

’’How can that be? These are all stainless steel, and this noodle pot is still in good condition, it wasn't used much. It may not pass as a brand new item, but it's definitely fine as a second-hand.’’ Yuan Zhou then dug out a chair leg and a table leg, and pointed at the cast iron noodle pot in the corner.

’’Stainless steel isn't worth much money, furthermore, look......’’ Master Li wasn't easy to hoodwink, he broke a chair leg with his hands, then handed them to Yuan Zhou.

Next, Yuan Zhou thoroughly exhibited the knowledge of physics he gained during middle school, and used it to prove what was metal. In the end, he successfully managed to sell them for a total of three hundred and twenty yuan.

This scene left Boss Tong dumbstruck, while Master Li was rather exhausted. In the end, he even cleared all of the remaining rubbish for free. Boss Wang wiped off the sweat on his forehead while feeling like he wasn't a cheat at all. He hadn't seen someone like Yuan Zhou who could say something like a total of three hundred and eighteen yet rounded up to only needing to be paid three hundred and twenty.

Yuan Zhou, who earned the money vibrantly, turned back to say, ’’I'll trouble Boss Wang to look after the shop, I'm going to get my permit done.’’

’’No problem, go on, I still need a while.’’ Boss Wang hastily agreed. If Yuan Zhou stayed here and found the amount of work he did to be too little, it'd be a problem if Yuan Zhou started bargaining again.

After going upstairs to grab the paperwork he had prepared beforehand, Yuan Zhou left by the main door.

It was Wednesday and it was approximately nine-thirty in the morning. There were few pedestrians, but after exiting the small street and arriving at the big street beyond it, things became incredibly lively. There was a fast flow of cars, beautiful white collar workers in formal attire, men who looked like they sold insurance just from looking at their cheap suits, and city ladies who dressed fashionably on the street with office buildings.

Yuan Zhou wore khaki pants and a white Mogao brand T-shirt, with a pair of trainers on his feet. He was dressed like a student who had just left the school gates, as long as one did not look at his face. After all, his face looked like that of a mature man over thirty.

Naturally, there was a reason for his style choice of dress today. The current market was very preferentially aimed at those university students that recently entered school. Don't look at Yuan Zhou's mature appearance, in actuality it hadn't even been two years since his graduation.

If it was a recently graduated university student making a venture, it didn't matter whether it was for a commercial business licence or a health certificate, they could both be more easily arranged. As for a health certification, every restaurant worker must have their reevaluation done every half a year. This one had been handed out only last month, so there were no problems at all.

Taking a stroll around the street, Yuan Zhou finally found a bus that went to the Department of Commerce. To Yuan Zhou, taking buses was the most cost-effective option, a swipe of the card allowed changing buses three times, which would be enough to go all around the city.

At ten thirty, Yuan Zhou arrived at the entrance to the Department of Commerce after only a single trip, but it was only when he was filling in forms that he discovered that he had forgotten something, he didn't seem to have thought of a name for his shop.

*Du Du Du*

Yuan Zhou subconsciously knocked on the marble table, then resolutely wrote the name 《Godly Chef's Little Shop》 on the shop name box. The contents, after all, were all preplanned.

Specially placing the information form at the University student entrepreneurs' counter to have it filed, the employee at the counter looked at Yuan Zhou's graduation certificate, then looked at Yuan Zhou, and verified his graduation serial number on the supplied school's network before moving on to get Yuan Zhou's business permit registered.

The Department of Health and Department of Commerce were not too far apart. Therefore, it was still lunchtime when Yuan Zhou went to obtain his hygiene permit, but there was wasn't enough time to eat a meal. His heart couldn't refrain from feeling somewhat excited when he looked at the two new documents in his hand.


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