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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 38


Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 38: Shock

Yuan Zhou, who had been abused to the point of a bloody face, silently decided to sleep in for tomorrow too and cure his wounded heart.

In his dream, Yuan Zhou was incarnated as the almighty FFF Inquisition and burned that lowlife couple to death.

As a result, on the morning of the second day, the entrance of Yuan Zhou's small restaurant was still tightly shut and the amount of sighs outside the door had doubled. When it came to this type of behaviour from Yuan Zhou, the regular customers felt exhausted too.

That bastard.

Ever since the regulars found out that the incident last time was because of Yuan Zhou oversleeping, they had intended to ruthlessly boycott his small restaurant and make him worry about his business for a little.

However, they unexpectedly discovered that when they would wake up at the time when Yuan Zhou would open for business every day, their stomach would growl in a’’grrr’’ sound to remind them to eat their meal, and they would walk to his small restaurant with feet that do not belong to themselves. Only then could the regulars get a good grasp of the reality;it was Yuan Zhou and not themselves, that held the initiative when it came to the matter of them boycotting or not.

In this manner, a week passed.

Ever since Wu Zhou got his girlfriend's backing, he once again possessed the capital to be unrestrained and came in everyday to eat the egg fried rice at least once. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, ever since the incident that happened last time, would come not only on the weekends, but sometimes once on Wednesday all for the sake of eating a meal. Naturally, it was still Wu Zhou who benefitted from this.

The relationship between the wretched pair had also became better and better, so much so that they entered a honeymoon period once again. Whereas Yuan Zhou, who had to suffer from these injuries, became even more slothful when it came to the matter of him waking up at dawn.

This made the soup dumplings seem increasingly hard to obtain. If the diners knew that this was all because of Wu Zhou's unintentional lovey-dovey actions, there was a possibility that he would deeply understand the line of ’’How couples that act all lovey dovey die fast’’.

A foodie that had gone mad already possessed a stunning fighting strength, to say nothing about a group of them.

’’Good evening, it's now time for Moe-Moe Culinary Adventurers, does anyone have something he/she'd like to recommend?’’

A cute girl who had a hair bun tied up, wore strapped shorts and a crew neck T-shirt which had white colored letters to go with it, was carrying a phone in the one hand she had facing towards herself. She didn't walk properly either;even when she was walking backwards, she was doing so while jumping up and down, making passersby worry if she would slip and fall.

On a closer examination, the quick witted and cute face of the girl appeared to be even more petite and cute on the tiny phone's screen. It was the loli appearance that was fashionable at the moment. From the looks of it, she was a streamer.

’’All of your recommendations weren't reliable at all! There's no food here, I'm going to find something delicious!’’ The cute girl whose streamer ID was ’’Have you let go yet, I still have to praise your sister’’ and real name was Wang Meng wrinkled up her nose while saying in a cute tone.

Using a wall as support club: ’’Streamer, I very much appreciate this skill of yours. How do you walk backwards without hitting the wall.’’

The lonely one that has gotten up: ’’Hurry up and eat something streamer. What I like most is to see you eat something, it totally whets my appetite.’’

The years were heartless, T life: ’’Streamer, there's someone behind you...’’

Sentences such as those flooded the screen and passed by. It appeared that Wang Meng's popularity as a streamer was pretty good.

’’Alright, I will bring everyone to eat something good at once!’’ Wang Meng saw that a majority of the messages on the screen were all requesting for tasty food and began to look all around. Needless to say, the actions she made were both cute and natural.

When Wang Meng had finished saying that line, the messages on the screen had also turned into a sea of applauding voices.

Wang Meng was currently looking all around and suddenly looked at Yuan Zhou's small restaurant which had a sparse number of people within.

’’Look, this shop doesn't have a signboard on it.’’ Saying which, she moved the handphone upwards. After moving it down, she continued, ’’The environment also seems like it opened for business not too long ago. Let's go and give this new shop a try.’’

The commentators were basically unable to wait any longer, but Wang Meng was not a bit anxious. Bringing the crowd that was watching the live broadcast to examine its exterior appearance from various angles at her own pace, she looked like an adventurer.

Using a wall as support club: ’’Moe-Moe streamer, if you are at someone's store entrance any longer, the boss is going to chase you away.’’

The lonely one that has gotten up: ’’I'm here to watch you eat something, so quickly eat something~’’

’’Alright, I'm very hungry too. I've also completed my exercise today so I can eat a bit more.’’ Wang Meng did a cheering sign, lifted her phone and entered Yuan Zhou's small restaurant.

(TL note: ’’Cheering sign’’ =

This time, Wang Meng properly walked, so as not to trip over the threshold.

It was just 5pm in the afternoon. At this time, the amount of visitors that were in Yuan Zhou's small restaurant were currently still few in number. There were only the frequent customer Wu Hai and three other new customers.

’’Boss Yuan, you're too insincere. How about this, can you tell me whether you're opening for business tomorrow morning?’’ Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou and asked after finishing his egg fried rice, shamelessly rubbing his stomach.

’’No idea, no one is able to accurately speak of tomorrow's matters.’’ Yuan Zhou swallowed a mouthful of water and his unperturbed face brought with it a natural expression.

Wu Hai had an expression that looked as if his balls was aching and said, ’’Boss Yuan, you're someone that opened your shop to do business. Just treat it as me begging you and give me a clear signal. How about I give you a call, that works too.’’

’’Out of the question.’’ Yuan Zhou continued to reject.

Yuan Zhou wasn't dumb either. If he give Wu Hai his phone number, the chap would definitely act as a human alarm every day at dawn and interrupt his sleep pattern. Recently, Yuan Zhou was very pleased with this type of lifestyle where he could sleep until he woke up naturally every day.

When he woke up, he would sometimes get up to make some soup dumplings and sell them. There were six hours of operation in a day, with two in the afternoon and four at night. Yuan Zhou had a large amount of free time remaining which he actually prepared to learn something to enrich himself.

Naturally, the prerequisite for this leisurely lifestyle was that the turnover from operating for six hours every day was no different from the past. Saying that a large amount of cash was amassed every day was also not an exaggeration.

Wang Meng who had just entered had witnessed such a large drama and was vividly engrossed, listening in at the corner. Occasionally, she would also send out some texts and do some exchanges with the viewers.

In the scenario where someone was nearby, it was still possible for the streamer to not say anything and only send out words, pretending to be a quiet beauty.

Wang Meng stepped forward and sat at the stool in the very middle. She raised her phone and began to adjust the angle so that it could capture both the appearance of her eating the food and her good looks.

Yuan Zhou's tables had been worked on to be very clean. There was no salt, vinegar on the tabletop like other stores. As for napkins, this was generally prepared by the customers themselves, therefore the long table did not have any supporting objects that could be used to lean against in order to prop an object up.

Needless to say, as a streamer, she had come prepared with a complete kit. There was a large pocket in the strapped pants that Wang Meng wore, with a reach of her hand and a grab, she then took out a mini bracket, what's more, the type that stuck to the surface of a table.


In just a moment, she stuck the bracket onto the table, and placed the phone on top of it. Once she had finished adjusting the angle, she continued to draw things out of her pocket.

Seeing that the table did not have napkins, she felt around and took out the napkins she had with her again as well as a wet wipe for her hands. The normal pocket of hers gave the impression of Doraemon's treasure pocket.

Scooping out items from this normal sized pocket had long been in Wang Meng's repertoire.

Wang Meng who was currently cosplaying as Doraemon suddenly saw the screen being flooded with a line.

The years were heartless, T life: ’’Streamer, hurry up and look behind you.’’

At the very beginning, it was just this person whose id was ’’The years were heartless, T life’’. This person frequently told her to look behind and that there was ghosts and what not as a way to frighten people. As a result, Wang Meng didn't take it seriously at all, but not too long after, the screen was all filled with similar messages.

Reader 160723010701067: [My god, your baby is having trouble with breathing, I need the streamer darling to quickly look behind.]

Haughty Palace Rain: ’’Hurry up and tell me that that isn't real, look behind, streamer.]

The lonely one that has gotten up: ’’Streamer, there's a juicy news behind you, hurry up and take a look.’’

73721: ’’Behind. The wall behind the streamer is so scary.’’

This chain of ’’look at the wall behind’’ lines had already made Wang Meng's heart felt a little afraid. She was clueless as to what exactly lay behind her that made things turn out this way.

Turning her head­behind


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