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Gourmet Food Supplier - Chapter 10


Chapter 10: The charm of the divine class egg fried rice

Looking at Sun Ming's facial expression, Yuan Zhou knew he was definitely peeved by the price of the egg fried rice. However, Yuan Zhou, who knew the truth, all the more wanted to add another 0 to the 188 or convert the RMB to Pound Sterling, if not Pound Sterling, USD was acceptable as well.

Thus, without any explanation, he only motioned for Sun Ming to enjoy it while it was hot.

Once he sat down, the fragrance of the egg fried rice greeted his nose. The fragrance was different from the past, where the smell of deep fried egg doughcake mixed with smoke from the stove, and it was without any greasy smell. On the contrary, it carried the greasiness of the cooked rice. What was even more peculiar, there was no sight of any egg, only by observing in detail, can one see that the egg was actually nicely coated around each rice grain, causing the rice to go gold in color.

This caused Sun Ming to be astonished. Sun Ming and Yuan Zhou first knew each other at the back kitchen of a hotel. Sun Ming, was also someone who had a great hunger for food, back then, due to pressure from his family to study, he was not allowed to pursue his culinary dreams. As such, once he graduated, without further consideration, he found work in a hotel. However, cooking skills were not child's play. Eventually, he could only be a foodie and start a fashion shop when he returned, which thrived under his management.

’’This......’’ Sun Ming scooped a spoonful, his eyes showed his dissatisfaction earlier dissipating.

To reach the step of making the egg fully envelop the rice grain, Sun Ming recognised that his friend truly had some ability and that piqued his interest.

He put the scooped egg fried rice into his mouth. With the soft and tender egg wrapped around the perfectly cooked rice grains and the light fragrance of the rice perfectly fused with the aroma from the egg, the exquisite taste combined together, was something he had never experienced before.

F**k!, how could there be such a delicious egg fried rice!

This delicious egg fried rice made Sun Ming's facial expression became like the female judge who was intoxicated by the ’’Sorrowful rice’’ in Zhou Xing Chi's movie <God of Cookery>. In his case, Sun Ming was intoxicated by the egg fried rice.

His initial thoughts of being ripped off and whatnot had been completely forgotten. All that was in his heart, eyes and mouth, was only the delicious taste of the egg fried rice.

Eat, I must continue to eat!

Sun Ming felt ¥188 was totally worth it.


He even felt that he had struck it rich, this was the first time in his life, he realised that egg fried rice could be this delicious.

*Squelch Squelch*

Mouthful after mouthful, Sun Ming, who seemed to be unable to stop eating, did not forget to give Yuan Zhou, who was in front of him, a thumbs up to show his appreciation. As for why he did not verbalize it out, it was obviously due to the fact that his mouth was full of egg fried rice. He did not want to waste a single second to speak, thus he could only express himself in that way.

Yuan Zhou nodded his head with a calm and composed face. His expression was unconcerned, as if the taste was within his expectations.

Once the plate was squeaky clean, just like one that had been washed, Sun Ming finally opened his mouth to speak.

’’This is egg fried rice!?’’

’’As you can see, it is a plate of ordinary egg fried rice, just a little tastier than others.’’ Yuan Zhou replied nonchalantly.

’’Your skill is now comparable to a 5-star restaurant dish, although I haven't tried a 5-star restaurant dish. Have you fully mastered the exclusive skill of that sous chef?’’ Sun Ming made a guess while he observed Yuan Zhou with obvious curiosity.

’’That's not right, that old man's specialty is fine cuisines, even if it was egg fried rice it would have to Yangzhou fried rice or something. Yours is merely made up of egg and rice.’’

Sun Ming transformed into Sherlock Holmes, and made numerous guesses and deductions. Yuan Zhou on the other hand, silently watched his pretentious reactions, with a calm expression like a master.

Um, let's use this opportunity to act dumb.

’’Since all the countless guesses and deductions were wrong, I might as well stop tormenting myself.’’ Sun Ming said, while looking at the empty plate.

’’Let's forget everything first, give me another bowl, this portion is too small, just enough to fill the slits between my teeth.’’

’’I am sorry, one person is allowed to order one bowl only.’’ Yuan Zhou shrugged in a mocking manner and said in a regretful tone.

’’You little punk, what kind of relationship do we have? Hurry up and make another serving, go go go.’’ Sun Ming was so desperate that he had completely forgotten his earlier thought of distancing himself from Yuan Zhou.

’’Although I consider you a brother of mine, that's still not possible, this is a rule in my shop. Please go outside for some grilled skewers instead.’’ Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou still firmly rejected him.

’’After eating this egg fried rice, who would still want to eat those hot, smoky skewers. Quickly go and cook another plate for me.’’ Sun Ming unflinchingly continued to press on his request. Seeing that Yuan Zhou only smiled while shaking his head, he could only concede by speaking amicably.

’’How about I call you brother? Oh no, I'll call you Sir instead. It is not like you don't know, this is my only hobby.’’

At this moment, Yuan Zhou summoned the system, ’’Is this really not possible? He is my friend.’’

System: ’’Without rules, nothing can be accomplished.’’

Ultimately, Yuan Zhou could only watch Sun Ming's hopeful eyes and said, ’’Since we are brothers, don't break the rules of my shop. Today is the first day of opening, let's go, let's go, I shall treat you to something else to compensate you.’’

Tempted by Yuan Zhou's offer, Sun Ming could only drop his initial persistence, ’’Forget it, after eating your egg fried rice, how can I have appetite for other food? What time do you open tomorrow? I will come by early in the morning.’’

’’9.30am. Do you want to stay for a little longer?’’ Yuan Zhou asked after observing Sun Ming's subtle posture of leaving.

’’Since you ain't making me another plate, I'll just go home and sleep, so that I can come again tomorrow.’’ Sun Ming's words contained self-mockery.

’’Brother, thanks for your understanding. I will make up for this next time.’’ Yuan Zhou was hopeless towards the system's stingy ways, he could only resort to this.

After hearing the explanation, Sun Ming also understood that, it was only natural his brother to have his own rules when he possessed such amazing skills. After all, geniuses were all eccentric in one way or another, let alone a chef who could cook such delectable dish.

Once he thought it through, it wasn't a big deal anymore. Furthermore, Sun Ming thought of a marvellous plan. 'Good companions are good influence, while bad ones are bad influence', a foodie's friends must all be foodies too. This sentence was perfectly proven true by Sun Ming.

Sun Ming decided to bring along his other friends to try the egg fried rice here. Certainly, his purpose was to allow them experience the best egg fried rice in the universe, and not because he decided maliciously to put his friends into the same situation after being unable to have the second serving he very much wanted. How could Sun Ming be that sort of person?

Imagining his friends' expression of being unable to eat a second plate after finishing their first, Sun Ming reckoned that he was too merciful. He enthusiastically waved Yuan Zhou goodbye before hopping into his car and returning home.

Watching Sun Ming disappear into the night, Yuan Zhou returned to his shop. Looking around, he saw that there were barely any pedestrians, thus, he carried the flower basket back into the shop and rolled down the shutters.

In the kitchen, he prepared to wash the plates that were cleared, and pondered over whether he needed to hire a dishwasher. In the future, it would be impossible for him to wash the dishes while also being the chef.

However, hiring an employee required money, and spending money was what Yuan Zhou loathed the most.

’’System, look at my hands.’’ Yuan Zhou exclaimed abruptly and senselessly to the system.


The system remained mute, while Yuan Zhou continued to comment, ’’You should know that I am very poor, and cannot afford a dishwasher. If the customers start flooding in and I am held back from cooking due to washing the dishes, it would affect the shop's reputation negatively. Most importantly, which Godly Chef washes the dishes themselves?’’

Yuan Zhou held the plates and stood beside the sink. In his brain, he relentlessly complained about how washing the dishes would adversely affect his journey to become a Godly Chef. About 5 minutes later, the System finally responded.

System Display: ’’System has provided a machine for automatic cleaning, host, please check and receive it.’’

’’There's finally no need to hire a dishwasher.’’ Yuan Zhou joyously started to search for the automatic dishwashing machine in the kitchen.

Next to the rice cooker, a black box that was not originally there in the morning was present. The box was about the size of a notebook. Upon observation, it could be described as a mere plain black coloured box, the kind without a single switch and its surface was smooth and shiny.

Looking all over the box, Yuan Zhou extended his hands and touched the it, trying to make out any inconsistency on the surface. Suddenly, the black box automatically split open, revealing its interior. The interior of the box was completely white, Yuan Zhou placed the plate Sun Ming used inside. The box then closed on. Not even three seconds had passed, when the plate reappeared on top of the box, it was squeaky clean and glossy as if it was newly bought.

’’How convenient, must be the forbidden technology again.’’

Yuan Zhou returned the plate to its original place and started to walk up the stairs to rest. Despite the fact that the shop didn't have any business on this day, he was able to ascertain one thing, which was that the divine Class Egg Fried Rice indeed deserved to be divine class. After tasting it once, the taste would be unforgettable.

While lying on his bed, Yuan Zhou opened his mission page and realised that the portion that he ate didn't contribute to the mission's progress. The mission progress still indicated that he still needed to serve 99 portions.


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