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God And Devil World - Chapter 7


Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Small Supermarket

Yue had gotten rid of all the zombies around the small supermarket, so that the only ones left were the 16 zombies hovering around the tree.

After wearing the protective garment Yue's stamina had reached 13 points;he had only rested for 5 minutes, but his stamina had already recovered from 4 points to 7 points. Yue continued to rest for 20 minutes, but in that time it did not even increase by one point.

’’Fighting for so long and my body is already tired? My stamina is still too low!’’

Yue frowned and quietly thought to himself. He had participated in high intensity combat today, and even though he had strengthened himself, his stamina recovery was still limited.

’’I can only use this apple!’’

Yue took out the Apple of Vitality and bit into it.

A stream of sweet and delicious apple juice went straight into Yue's mouth, flowing into his body.

Yue finished the Apple of Vitality after just a couple of bites;a cool stream flowed into his body and fixed his weary body.

5 minutes later, under that cool trickle of nourishment, his tired body gradually was restored and his stamina rose to 12 points.

Having completely rested, Yue soon emerged from the small supermarket along with White Bones.

’’He is out!’’

Seeing that Yue had emerged, Sun Yu immediately said excitedly to Chen Gang.

Chen Gang saw Yue and his eyes flashed with a hint of excitement and worry. If Yue did not rescue them and chose to leave on his own, they had no way to survive.

Yue saw the 16 zombies surrounding the tree, waved a can of beer and threw it to the ground.


The loud sound quickly reverberated in the area, making the 16 zombies under the tree quickly look back and stagger over.

’’Let's go! White Bones!’’

Yue firmly held his Novice Stick next to White Bones.

Receiving the order from Yue, White Bones rushed towards the 16 zombies.

10 seconds later, White Bones reached a zombie and he swung his axe, sending a zombie head flying.

After easily killing a zombie, three zombies from one side rushed over towards White Bones.

Yue came and fiercely smashed the Novice Stick on the zombie's head, causing the head to be twisted to one side. Then he kicked another zombie, sending it to the ground.

After wearing the protective garment, Yue had become more bold;otherwise, without the protective garment, he would absolutely not kick the body of the zombie, since the slightest mistake would cause him get scratched and result in him dying.

Swinging his axe, White Bones casually sent the zombie head flying.

After reaching level 4, the overall strength of White Bones had improved by 30%. With significantly improved combat skills, the most discerning was his quick reaction.

Taking a long stride forward, Yue smashed the zombie head with the Novice Stick, knocking it crooked.

In just a couple of breaths, 4 zombies were down from the combined efforts of Yue and White Bones.

After killing the 4 zombies, Yue and White Bones retreated back. They went round the remaining 12 zombies in a circle until they fiercely rushed to the left for another assault.

(Note: I am slightly unsure about the sentence above and I have attempted to re-translate it. What the old translator tried to convey may very well have been correct but his grammar certainly doesn't help here. Anyway, you get the gist, it's just loads of Yue Zhong &skeleton-chan beheading zombies and those shocked reactions from the plebs :P)

This assault killed 3 zombies and then they quickly retreated again.

After a few more assaults, the waves of slow zombies was soon dispatched by the combined efforts of Yue and White Bones.

’’Amazing! I didn't think the school was hiding someone so strong!’’

Looking at Yue and White Bones whom easily killed those zombies, Chen Gang on the tree sighed slowly. Sun Yu and another boy, Wang Shuang, nodded with him.

After getting rid of the wave of zombies, Yue's stamina had decreased by 3 points, down to 9 points. After increasing his strength and stamina, his battle endurance had grown.

After cleaning out the corpses, Yue quickly collected the Life Coins scattered on the ground.

Seeing that all the surrounding zombies had been eliminated by Yue, the 3 boys agilely climbed down from the tree.

’’Hello classmate, I am Chen Gang, a 3rd year student.’’

Chen Gang climbed down the tree and came over to introduce himself to Yue.

’’I am Sun Yu, also a 3rd year student.’’

’’I am Wang Shuang, a 3rd year student as well.’’

Sun Yu and Wang Shuang also came to Yue's side and introduced themselves.

Yue thanked Chen Gang and said,

’’I am Yue Zhong, thank you for earlier!’’

Earlier Chen Gang had helped Yue by drawing away half the zombies: thanks to that, Yue was able to defeat the first wave of zombies. Otherwise, he would only have been able to escape and not be able to get rid of all the zombies.

The most terrifying thing about zombies wasn't personal strength, but rather the viral infection carried by them and their numbers. With just 20 zombies it would be very hard to deal with them;although they could be killed, the consumption of stamina and requirements of concentration would be great.

’’Why so modest, I still haven't thanked you for saving us!’’

Chen Gang laughed heartily, pointed at White Bones and asked:

’’Yue, where did you get that?

Sun Yu and Wang Shuang also had a look of envy towards Yue because of the Special Skeleton 'White Bones' next to him . They had just seen how powerful White Bones was- with just one strike, it could easily slay a zombie.

’’Let's go inside and talk, this is no place to have a discussion!’’

Yue spoke to the 3 of them as he looked around and pointed at the small supermarket. The zombies nearby had already been dealt with by Yue and White Bones, but he feared that inside the university there might be more than 1000 zombies. They were not yet safe.

Chen Gang's group of 3 nodded and quickly followed Yue into the small supermarket.

Entering the small supermarket, Sun Yu took a beer, opened it and fiercely chugged it down. He then let out a long sigh of relief and carelessly said,

’’Whew, finally survived, I was so thirsty.’’

Yue glanced at Sun Yu and frowned slightly as it was still not safe;besides necessary communication, he didn't want to make needless sounds.

Chen Gang took a sip of water and came to Yue's side;he pointed to White Bones and continued asking,

’’Yue, how did you get this thing? Can you tell us?’’

Sun Yu and Wang Shuang also looked at Yue, their eyes full of desire. With this sudden change to a zombie-ridden world, everyone knew that only those who were strong could survive.

Yue stared at Chen Gang and asked,

’’Did you hear the voice that claims to be God?’’

’’I heard it!’’

Chen Gang replied.

’’I heard it too.’’

’’I also heard it.’’

Sun Yu and Wang Shuang also spoke.

Yue slowly said said,

’’After I killed a zombie, a Skill Book dropped from its body. After using the skill from the Skill Book, you can summon your first skeleton.’’

This wasn't something to hide, since in order to escape, having more manpower was better.


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