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God And Devil World - Chapter 565


Chapter 565: Jasper Green Lotus!
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Fukui Honten did not know the background of Kazuki Nobuhiko, and could only used such
words to try and coax him into surrendering.
Kazuki Nobuhiko hesitated a while, before suddenly asking: ’’That's true! Once I contribute to
his cause, I will naturally receive some rewards. Oh yes, does Yue Zhong-sama like beautiful
Fukui Honten pondered as he thought back to Ida Kyoko and the little loli Yao Yao beside Yue
Zhong, before nodding and replying: ’’Yea, Yue Zhong-sama only likes top beauties.’’
Most men like beauties, and Fukui Honten was just using a common stereotype to support his
Kazuki Nobuhiko heaved a long sigh of relief, and relaxed his frown: ’’Alright!’’
Fukui Honten brazenly continued: ’’Kazuki-sama, the most important thing now is to complete
what Yue Zhong-sama has ordered me to do. He's not a patient man, and I fear if we delay too
long, he might rush in with his troops.’’
Kazuki Nobuhiko immediately wore a warm expression and said: ’’Sure! Come with me!’’
On the way, many of the guards from the Yaro Gang looked towards Fukui Honten beside
Kazuki Nobuhiko and sighed in their hearts. After all, no one wanted to rush to their deaths
blindly. In fact, many were in favour of surrendering.
As led by Kazuki Nobuhiko, Fukui Honten came to a lavish place within the city.
’’Who the hell are you?’’ A 1.6m middle-aged man in kimono with a ferocious aura stared at
Fukui Honten and barked coldly.
This man was the leader of the Yaro Gang, Hajime Moto. He was a Level 15 Enhancer. As the
leader of a faction, he could order his subordinates to capture all sorts of zombies, and he will
kill them easily. This allowed him to raise his level to 15, although his fighting strength was
really negligible.
Even in the apocalypse, many leaders weren't actually strong experts, instead, they held power
over a large number of ordinary survivors.
Fukui Honten was intimidated by the aura of Hajime Moto that he trembled slightly, before
gritting his teeth to say: ’’I'm Fukui Honten. Leader Hajime, I'm the envoy sent by Yue Zhongsama.
He wants me to advise you guys to surrender unconditionally. He can promise that the
lives of you and your subordinates will be intact. Otherwise, he will immediately charge in with
his army, and level the entire place, not leaving even a single chicken or dog alive.’’
Hajime Moto frowned and asked coldly: ’’Yue Zhong, he's a Chinese?’’
Fukui Honten had a bad feeling as he replied: ’’Yes!’’
A savage look flashed in Hajime Moto's eyes as he bellowed out: ’’You want me to submit to a
damn Chinese pig? Is your brain damaged? Are you still part of our mighty race? You're actually

willing to lower yourself to work for a pig?! You're a disgrace! Our Yaro Gang would definitely
not submit to a Chinese! Our Yaro Gang is above the rest, and we will fight till the end with that
Chinese dog!! Kazuki, go take this traitor out and chop off his head, hang it outside!’’
The right-wing movement had gained explosive traction in recent years, and they had
managed to prevail even in the modernizing world. This Hajime Moto was an extreme
nationalist, and even he would rather die in battle than submit.
Fukui Honten fell to the floor in fright, his entire 2m frame trembling as he pleaded: ’’Sir, spare
me!! Hajime-sama, spare me!! I'm just an envoy!! Don't kill me, don't kill me!!’’
Kazuki Nobuhiko was stunned as he stayed where he was. He thought of having to face the
forces of Yue Zhong if he killed Fukui Honten, and his hands became cold.
The Yaro Gang had no aerial defences, and the strongest weapon they had were just a few rifles.
There was no way they stood a chance against those Thunder Fighters.
Hajime Moto's eyes flashed fiercely and he barked: ’’Kazuki, you're still not acting? You want to
surrender to that Chinese dog?!’’
Kazuki Nobuhiko felt his heart turn cold, as a look of resolution gleamed in his eyes and he
replied: ’’Hai! I understand!’’
After that, he pulled out the kodachi at his waist and swung it high, before swinging it down,
slashing through Hajime Moto's neck and right shoulder.
The headless corpse of the Yaro Gang's leader slumped to the floor, the decapitated head still
wearing a look of disbelief.
Kazuki Nobuhiko eyed the corpse and a complicated gaze appeared in his eyes: ’’Leader! I don't
want to die, I still want to live! Since you're intending to stand in my way, you'll have to die!!’’
Fukui Honten glanced at Kazuki Nobuhiko and he felt a tremor of shock: ’’What a ruthless man.’’
After Hajime Moto was disposed of by Kazuki Nobuhiko, he swiftly ordered the rest to put down
their weapons with his authority as second-in-command and brought them to surrender.
A total of 400 Yaro Gang members came forward to submit to Yue Zhong, many of which were
Level 30 or 40 Enhancers.
Kazuki Nobuhiko came up to Yue Zhong and raised the head of Hajime Moto, saying: ’’Sir, this is
the head of our ex-leader, Hajime Moto! He wanted to go against your orders, and I've decided
to kill him, and offer his head as a pledge of allegiance, Sir!’’
Yue Zhong eyed the head and commented mildly: ’’Well done!’’
’’Thank you for your compliments, Sir!’’ Kazuki Nobuhiko's heart leaped in joy, as he carefully
eyed the Shinobi Demon Tenpyo Saka behind Yue Zhong, her neck wrapped in the collar bomb.
’’He's truly strong, to have actually subdued a Demon from Takama-ga-hara. He's too scary.’’
Having seen what Yue Zhong was capable of with his own eyes, his fear and respect towards
Yue Zhong grew.
After all, the 6 Demons were the geniuses amongst geniuses over at Japan. Every one of them
was at least a dual-attribute Evolver, their combat strength the apex of the crop, and not a
single person in the Yaro Gang was their match.

Zhong pointed to a small hill and asked: ’’I saw the Takama-ga-hara troops suddenly
rushing out from there, what was going on?’’
The sudden ambush by the Takama-ga-hara resulted in some severe losses by the Kingdom of
God. If it weren't for their elite Adjudicators and Judges, who had all transitioned in their jobs,
they would have long been defeated by the Japanese troops.
Kazuki Nobuhito replied with respect: ’’Sir, our Yaro Gang has built this city on top of a large
underground refuge. There's a tunnel leading to that mountain. The Takama-ga-hara had
made use of that tunnel to flank the Kingdom of God soldiers.’’
In order to deal with potential nuclear war, Japan had constructed various underground
refuges. The Yaro Gang had established their base on top of one such refuge.
Yue Zhong fixed his gaze on Kazuki Nobuhiko: ’’Why did the Kingdom of God attack you guys?’’
He explained: ’’We had obtained a Mutant Plant called the Jasper Green Lotus. The jasper fruits
it bear can allow Enhancers above Level 50 to evolve a skill to a Second Order stage. Any
Enhancer whose level was below 50, swallowing a jasper fruit would cause the 6 attributes to
gain a 4 point boost. However, it is only effective once, consuming more than one would have
no effect. The Kingdom of God had come specially for this Jasper Green Lotus.’’
When Yue Zhong heard it, he immediately ordered: ’’Bring me to it.’’
’’Yes! Sir, please come with me.’’
Under Kazuki Nobuhiko's lead, Yue Zhong came to an area outside of the lodgings.
Within a pool of not even 20cm deep, there was a 4-petal jade green plant, with a green flower
blooming right in the middle. Within the flowers, there were a few jade-like fruits. It really
looked like a mysterious lotus.
Kazuki Nobuhiko pointed to the plant and said: ’’That's the Jasper Green Lotus!’’
There were 8 Enhancers of above level 30 guarding the place, obviously viewing the plant with
great importance as well.
Yue Zhong patted Kazuki Nobuhiko in satisfaction and praised: ’’Well done! You did well. As
long as those Yaro Gang members whose hands have not been dyed with Chinese blood, I will
return them to you, and you will be reinstated as the vice-commander of the Yaro Gang. Your
direct superior is Fukui Honten. However, since the Yaro Gang sounds so vulgar, let's rename it
to be the Wild Wolf Company. You're currently the Vice-commander and your rank is Major.’’
If it wasn't for Kazuki Nobuhiko's decisive and swift handling of the situation, the Jasper Green
Lotus might have been destroyed in the chaos. Gaining such a treasure, Yue Zhong's view of
Kazuki Nobuhiko also rose.
Having been approved of Yue Zhong, Kazuki Nobuhiko felt extremely pleased and he voiced his
allegiance once more: ’’Thank you Yue Zhong-sama! Kazuki will definitely serve you with my
Yue ZHong walked into the pool and took 3 of the fruits, before arranging for 8 Evolvers to
protect the pool.
By now, Yue Zhong had given a number of the Evolving Liquid to those elite soldiers that had
followed Yao Yao to Japan, causing them to evolve. He had immediately gained over a 100 Level

40 Evolvers. Because of this troop, he could easily vanquish the 2 armies from the Kingdom of
God and Takama-ga-hara.
Yue Zhong then eyed Kazuki Nobuhiko before giving him a task: ’’Kazuki, I need people of
talents in the following fields: Optoelectronic engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic
engineering and biological sciences. Find these people and bring them to me.’’
Being adjacent to Tokyo, the Shizuoka Prefecture was also a developed county, there should be a
number of researchers, scientists and talents in those areas. Yue Zhong needed them to work
for him.
When America and the Soviet Union had teamed up to defeat Berlin, while the Soviet Union was
snatching up resources, America snatched up talents. After World War II, America's technology
had surpassed the Soviet Union. Yue Zhong was severely lacking in talents in the science field
right now. Before gaining the capitals back in China, he could only rely on the geniuses of Japan
to help him.


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