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God And Devil World - Chapter 564


Chapter 564: Defeating the 2 armies!
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The moment the Thunder Fighters entered the fray, they begun to release their cluster bombs
and incendiary bombs. In an instant, the entire region rang out with explosions, as dust rose in
the air, and flames blazed outwards. The entire battlefield shook from the impact, and
numerous Japanese troops were either blasted apart or swallowed by the flames.
The soldiers of the Takama-ga-hara had fought for over 2 hours, and they were getting
exhausted. Having reached their limits, and facing the brunt of such destruction, they collapsed
entirely, and began to run for their lives.
Kanzaki Hideo saw it and he sighed and quickly ordered: ’’Everyone!! It's our loss!! Fuwa,
At this time, the Takama-ga-hara had no means to deal with aerial attacks, plus the 6 aircrafts
were more than capable of suppressing all the troops of Takama-ga-hara. Even if Kanzaki
Hideo and Yokoshima Fuwa were strong, they could not turn the tides around with just them.
At the same time, Yokoshima Fuwa's Dragoon Transformation had ended, and he had almost
expended all his strength. If he continued to battle on, he would definitely face some danger.
Those transformation abilities would grant a huge boost in strength for a short period of time.
However, when it ended, the Enhancers would be weakened for a period of time. During this
period, they would be reduced to less than half of their fighting capabilities.
After receiving that order, Yokoshima Fuwa immediately turned around and escaped into the
Yokoshima Fuwa, such a Demon-level expert, actually abandoning his subordinates to run.
This led the Takama-ga-hara's already collapsing mentality to crumble even further. All the
Japanese soldiers lost their will, and began to escape in various directions.
’’Attack!! Attack!! Eradicate them!!’’
The astute commander from the Kingdom of God saw the retreating Japanese and swiftly
brought his troops to give chase. If they didn't annihilate these Takama-ga-hara soldiers, in
the future, this faction would definitely become an obstacle to the Kingdom of God. Hence they
had to go all out to wipe them out with this chance.
As the soldiers from the Kingdom of God gave chase, a large number of the Japanese soldiers
fell and died.
’’Do it!’’ At that moment, Yue Zhong ordered coldly.
Under his orders, the 4 Thunder Fighters suddenly switched targets and gunned down the
remaining 2 Eurocopters.
They had no chance to react, and were destroyed completely, becoming 2 flaming balls as they
crashed to the ground.

’’What's going on?’’ Seeing the 2 Eurocopters being destroyed, all the soldiers from the Kingdom
of God felt bewildered.
At the next moment, the Thunder Fighters that were assumed to be the trump card of the
Kingdom of God began to fire upon the ground without caring for sides, bombing the soldiers
and blasting them.
On the battlefield, the sounds of explosions rang out constantly, as many elites from both the
Kingdom of God and Takama-ga-hara were blasted to pieces. Many soldiers from both sides
fell under the relentless assault of the 4 Thunder Fighters.
Jonas, the commander of the Kingdom of God's Japanese Arm , screamed out in anguish: ’’How
did it become like this? How did it become like this?! Aren't they our comrades?!’’
The elites of the Kingdom of God had charged out from behind their cover to chase after the
Japanese troops. Who knew, all of a sudden, the Thunder Fighters had suddenly unleashed
carnage and rained destruction down upon everyone on the ground. The entire battlefield
turned into a sea of flames, as countless soldiers screamed and wailed out, before being burnt to
death. It was practically a scene from hell.
Under that horrifying assault, the Kingdom of God troops were also blasted and they lost all
sense of order, each and every soldier dispersing and escaping in various directions.
At this time, Yue Zhong came charging forward with his 700 subordinates, launching a frenzied
assault on the retreating Japanese and escaping Kingdom of God soldiers.
By now, both sides were already exhausted, and their morale low. Out of nowhere, Yue Zhong's
forces might be a motley bunch, but they came charging out with high spirits and ferocious
The intense battle continued for another 2 hours, before finally settling down. Yue Zhong had
captured 2,000 Kingdom of God and Japanese troops. Many others had escaped into the woods,
disappearing entirely.
Having defeated both armies, Yue Zhong continued his assault towards the city built by the
Yaro Gang.
By now, there were many places burning within the city. Mobs and riots had broken out, and it
was chaos everywhere. A large portion of the Yaro Gang's forces had been wiped out by the
Kingdom of God. However, a small faction still held out in the inner parts of the city.
Within a villa, numerous soldiers of the Yaro Gang were currently fortifying their defences. If
any power without enough firearms or heavy power, they would have to pay a steep price to
attack this final stand.
Yue Zhong gazed at the villa and gave an order: ’’Fukui Honten, go now and advise the Yaro
Gang to surrender to me. If you succeed, I will bestow rewards upon you.’’
Fukui Honten's face fell and he immediately got on his knees to beg: ’’Sir! Please, spare my life!
Spare my life! The Yaro Gang kill without batting eyelids, they will definitely take my life!’’
Yue Zhong eyed him with a strong killing intent: ’’Do you think only the Yaro Gang know how to
kill? Am I so merciful? This is an order, and orders are absolute! Those who disobey will be

Fukui Honten helplessly mustered his courage: ’’Yes! I understand. What are your conditions,
’’Tell them to surrender unconditionally, I will guarantee that their daily lives would not be
With the Thunder Fighters, he could easily destroy the villa. Having such a trump card, Yue
Zhong was obviously confident of his chances.
’’Yes! I understand!’’
Fukui Honten then gritted his teeth and raised a white flag as he walked towards the territory
of the Yaro Gang.
2 soldiers quickly walked out and escorted him in front of a high-ranking officer, Kazuki
The Yaro Gang member wielded a sharp knife and emitted a strong killing intent as he spat out:
’’Who the f*k are you?’’
Fukui Honten felt the killing intent and his face turned pale as he stammered: ’’I'm Fukui
Honten, I was sent here as an envoy by the leader of the army outside, Yue Zhong.’’
Although Fukui Honten was huge and burly, able to kill zombies easily, he was actually a timid
coward. He was currently intimidated by Kazuki Nobuhiko's aura, and felt that he might be
killed if he wasn't careful.
Kazuki Nobuhiko frowned: ’’Yue Zhong? He's Chinese?’’
Under the threat of death, Fukui Honten immediately bragged about Yue Zhong's power: ’’Yes!
He's Chinese, however, he has over 3,000 elites under him, and 20 assault helicopters. The
Kingdom of God and Takama-ga-hara were defeated by him earlier. He even killed 2 out of the
6 Demons of the Takama-ga-hara and captured one. The Shinobi Demon Tenpyo Saka is
currently his captive.’’
’’You see the helicopters in the skies? Those are his. They're called Thunder Fighters, and
they're the more advanced aircraft weapons you will find. Each of them possess the power to
raze a city to the ground. There're countless bombs, incendiary bombs, and even cluster bombs.
Should you guys resist, then he would order the decimation of the entire region. By that time,
you guys will only die without even knowing what hit you. On account that we're all Japanese, I
tried to advise Yue Zhong-sama to spare you guys. I even volunteered myself as envoy to come
and contact you guys.’’ On one hand, Fukui Honten continued to brag about Yue Zhong's power,
while earning some face for himself. He hoped that he could get out of Kazuki Nobuhiko's
hands with this.
The stronger they understood Yue Zhong to be, the safer Fukui Honten would be. He knew this,
that was why he spared no effort in blowing Yue Zhong's trumpet.
Hearing those words, Kazuki Nobuhiko's expression did not change, but his heart was shocked
beyond belief: ’’So the Takama-ga-hara was really defeated by them! Even the Shinobi Demon
was captured!’’
Kazuki Nobuhiko wasn't some ordinary riff raff of the Yaro Gang. He was the second-incommand,
and wielded great authority. He knew plenty of information that ordinary members
wouldn't know. He knew the plan of the Takama-ga-hara to ambush the Kingdom of God.

Since Yue Zhong's army could crash so easily, he knew that Yue Zhong must be more powerful
than he could imagine.
The 4 Thunder Fighters were manufactured by the Kingdom of God as the latest in line for
weapons, under their might, even a town as established as the Yaro Gang's would be turned into
Kazuki Nobuhiko grabbed onto Fukui Honten's clothes and asked softly: ’’What did Yue Zhong
Fukui Honten knew that this Yaro Gang member was already faltering on surrendering. He
quickly advised softly: ’’Yue Zhong wants you guys to surrender unconditionally, he would
personally guarantee the safety of all of you.’’
’’Just that? No other sweeteners?’’ Kazuki Nobuhiko frowned slightly as he asked. Although he
knew Yue Zhong truly meant for them to surrender with such terms, he had hoped that he
could get something out of it.
Fukui Honten quickly advised: ’’Nobuhiko-sir, Yue Zhong is a man that dishes out his rewards
and punishments accordingly. As long as you truly submit and work hard for him, he would
reward you.’’


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