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Global Evolution - Chapter 78


Chapter 78: Unlimited Possibilities
Editor: Monika

Qing Shui resumed his routine-like reading. ’’The material in this USB drive is not only
extensive but complete; I am really impressed by how far they have gone with the research on
the red fog. Look, they mentioned some countries are even able to purify the red fog.’’
’’Purification? What elements does the red fog have?’’
’’They haven't figured it out in detail yet. Modern science has not evolved enough to identify
each compound. The only thing they know is that the red fog contains an unknown number of
unidentified radiations, and a variety of chemical compounds that they've never seen before.’’
Qing Shui stopped at a page where there were photographs of scientists occupied with
collecting the fog and purifying it with a series of compressors and solvents in the tube.
’’The American scientist who had named the red fog ’’The Creator's Water’’ had discoverd its
function two years ago. Since then, there was a sharp increase in funding of genetic
engineering researches. The red fog seemed to be extremely useful for life extension, genetic
engineering and weapon research.’’
’’This is where Russia, which had successfully refined the red fog, had concentrated a year ago.
It performed medical trials on animals, and then humans. At that time, they created a number
of super soldiers.’’
’’Super soldiers?’’ Chang developed a strong interest out of a sudden. Although he knew nothing
about genetic engineering, which seemed to be a field far out of his reach, he still displayed
great curiosity toward it. This was since it was tightly related to physical modifications and had
a direct benefit to him.
’’They can inject the concentrate to a human body?’’
Qing Shui nodded silently and scrolled down the page, where the images were replaced by a
miserable scene. ’’Unfortunately, the concentrate malfunctioned their gene, and they died in
less than a week.’’
Chang became heavy-hearted as he saw the pictures, his head drooping. ’’So, we don't have any
’’I can't come to that conclusion right now. Those were ordinary people who hadn't adapted to
the red fog yet. Also, it sounds to me like they had overdosed the concentrate. But you are much
different compared to those deceased, especially since you are an EM altered by the red fog.
Your physical strength and reflexes are ameliorated. Even ordinary people nowadays acclimate
to the mysterious red fog, look here...’’ Qing Shui said as he kept scrolling down. The
architecture in the image looked familiar to Chang. It was standard Chinese style architecture,
which was highly similar to their institute.
’’In fact, none of the countries stopped their research on the red fog. They even improved the
purification method in these two years. You must have recognized where this picture was
taken. In this paper, a research group in another Chinese research institute made momentous

progress, a lab rat had survived from the injection, and the red fog modified its gene! Even
though the chance for such luck was only 0.03%.’’
’’That means the death rate was 99.97%... This is scary, I would never risk my life for such a rare
success,’’ Chang said, his enthusiasm doused and the light in his eyes extinguished.
’’No need to be frustrated, buddy. This is just a potential direction; I have no idea what kind of
progress they have made until I join them tomorrow.’’ Qing Shui leaned back to release the
tension on his back muscles. He rubbed his sore eyes and yawned. ’’I am just a newcomer to this
institute, so the path is unimaginably long to what we desire. Even though this material covers
bits of everything, it isn't updated to the latest news. But keep in mind that the future is ours,
and the institute is our stage. I need to read through the material and papers as soon as
possible, and I hope I can finish an essay for the preliminary theory of food web in time. That
way I can get attention from the top level and enter the core research.
’’And you, you need to go further on the Encephalon Mutation of your category.’’ His bloodshot
eyes disclosed his tiredness, but Qing Shui gazed at Chang with seriousness. He said, ’’It won't
be peaceful here. No, to be honest, this place is full of menace. When the fragile equilibrium in
the institute breaks, I can guarantee you that this will end up solved by force. This is exactly
when you need to turn up.’’
’’From your words, it sounds like I am a big deal in this political stir. However...’’ Chang gazed
back at him and confessed without blinking his eyes, ’’I just simply don't think that a higher
degree Encephalon mutation can make me bulletproof. This is most important in this institute,
where military stations and guards surround the place day and night.’’
’’No, no, you are wrong. You have to understand that the evolution of lives is unpredictable and
full of potential. Remember the Willow...’’
’’Are you saying that I can evolve as far as it?’’ Chang asked, straightening his back. He was
finally seeing the light of hope.
’’Possible in theory, unachievable in reality.’’
Qing Shui interrupted Chang's excitement with his tranquil tone, and added, ’’I didn't mean to
frustrate you. We all know that human evolution has come to a dead end. Our physiological
structure is sophisticated and we are also far ahead of other species in intelligence, making the
evolution for us much more difficult. I also think that this is the reason why humanity became
vulnerable to the other species so quickly after the red fog apocalypse.’’
’’But that doesn't mean we will be in a disadvantage forever. Indeed, humans are always one
step slower in evolution. However, the capability of intervening with nature gives us the ability
to slow down others' evolution by scientific methodology. We humans have a clear division of
labor. We also have a long history of uniting in front of a crisis. This is the last fight and we are
not allowed to fail. Don't worry, humanity won't get eliminated so soon. At least not in the
foreseeable future,’’ Qing Shui explained. His craziness slipped out through his shining eyes, as
if he knew humanity would triumph in this battle with the nature magnificently.
’’Therefore, trust me! I will make you into a super life, blessed by the nature and the technology.
But before that happens, I need to eradicate any obstacles in front of us.’’
Chang's chest filled with motivation.

’’Never underestimate your potential; starting from tomorrow, you should start training
systematically. There is much more in you that haven't yet been revealed. Before I enter the
core research, keep up the work to prepare for the genetic alteration.’’
’’Understood,’’ Chang concurred.
’’Great! You should go back to sleep now, I need to read more before I'm exhausted.’’
Patting Qing Shui's shoulder, Chang turned away from the dim light and let the darkness in the
room softly wrap itself around him. The bed was almost too spongy, and he fell asleep
immediately after settling on it.
In the next three days, the injuries on Chang gradually reduced in size and were eventually
replaced by patches of delicate pink skin. On the other side of the room, Qing Shui got attached
to the computer, reading the rest of the papers day and night without rest. Jing was also
improving, her breath was strong and smooth again, when compared to her condition in the
This morning, someone knocked on the door when Chang had just gotten up and was planning
his workout routine.
He opened the door with suspicion and saw Mingyi, an acquaintance who Chang had not seen
for the past three days.
’’Long time no see,’’ greeted Mingyi. In his hands was a tray with a plate of salad placed on it as
well as two glasses of strange sticky juice.
’’Mingyi! They changed the personnel to deliver our meals! Why you though?’’ Seeing his
comrade made Chang feel extra light-hearted and he stepped aside to let Mingyi into the suite.
’’I haven't seen you since we got here, how did you find us?’’
’’A long story. The superiors were happy that I sent Mr. Li here safely. They awarded me with a
higher ranking. Can you even believe that they made me a captain?’’ Mingyi asked, while
placing the tray on the coffee table. He glanced at Qing Shui, who was still robotically turning
page after page with a straight face. It was as if he didn't even notice that Mingyi came over for
a visit.
’’Leave him alone, he has been like that for the last three days, he can't even hear me talking to
him sometimes.’’ Chang was concerned that Mingyi may interrupt Qing Shui, so nervously, he
repeated himself, ’’Please don't mind him, I want to hear more about your story.’’
’’Sure. Do you remember Colonel Xie who we met when we got here? He treated me well when
they heard that I am an EM with a high degree of evolution. They even asked me to train the
domesticated animals that are held in this institute.’’ Mingyi heaved a sigh, showing his
frustration. ’’Although I get three meals a day, which keep me energetic and happy, the evolved
animals are undeniably impossible to train, even if they were domesticated a thousand years
ago. We all know dogs were loyal and obedient most of the time. But they changed completely.
None of them listen to me, even if they can't defeat me. I just can't make them obey me even
once no matter how hard I try.’’
’’I feel bad for you... but maybe they will get better when you spend more time with them?’’
Chang suggested, as Mingyi's emotions affected him. ’’But you haven't told me how you found

’’Well, Colonel Xie asked me to take care of you guys as you might feel uneasy here. Therefore,
they switched me to deliver meals to you.’’
’’I see,’’ Chang said, taking in the information. ’’By any chance, do you know where I can go and
workout? I am almost healed now and, to be honest, I have nothing to do at this moment. It'd be
great if you could tell me that since I desperately need some exercise.’’
’’Ah-ha! You asked the right person here.’’ Mingyi was an unassuming man, so he guessed no
further and just told Chang, ’’The military has selected a few soldiers who are stronger and
faster compared to their peers. They gather together and workout in a training room. I think
you can get in as you are much better than those guys.’’
’’They are training soldiers who are stronger and faster...?’’ Mingyi's words created a stirring in
Chang's mind. Somehow this reminded him about what he and Qing Shui discussed three days
ago - the medical trial with the red fog concentrate. ’’What do they do in that room?’’ Chang
asked, unable to loosen the tension in his fist.


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