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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 281


Chapter 281: The staff
Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky
Talking about what King Neptune wanted Wu Dengfeng to forge, this heavy
eye-browed forging master let out a deep breath. He glanced at the
surroundings. Clearly his apprentices had left him in disappointed. As of this
moment, only Han was still on his side, even though they just met not long
Thinking for a moment, Wu Dengfeng decided to tell Han the truth.
’’What King Neptune wants is a staff’’ Wu Dengfeng whispers.
’’Staff?’’ Han replied shocked.
Wu Dengfeng nodded his head slightly, ’’To be more precise, it is a weapon in
the form of a staff that enhances cognitive abilities. King Neptune has acquired
a black crystal from somewhere and it is in the shape of a human's brain,
containing complicated dark energy.’’
’’King Neptune discovered that if he can merge with this crystal, it will produce
an enormous energy field, drastically increasing his illusion abilities.’’
’’This discovery filled King Neptune with joy, but the problem was, although
this black crystal contained a powerful energy field, but it is very difficult to
stabilize. Excessive use can cause King Neptune's neural system to break
down, becoming more violent, and even killing his own men.’’
’’That is why King Neptune came to me, because my grandfather was a
generational forging master Wu Daozi. Our family inherited a type of spiritual
forging, allowing weapons to have life in them, merging with the soul of its
user, if that happens, then he can merge with the black crystal as an entity,
having powers many times even tens of times stronger than before.
Han was puzzled, ’’If you can spiritually forge, why not forge King Neptune his
Wu Dengfeng replied with a bitter smile, ’’I have analyzed the nature of that
black crystal. It contains a form of dark energy. Since King Neptune is so
greedy, once I use spiritual forging to forge such a weapon, it would be the
same as if I created a horrifying monster.’’
’’King Neptune think he is capable of controlling the power of the dark crystal,
but he is overestimating himself. It is more likely the crystal will be controlling
him. According to the crystal's dark attributes, I can guarantee that once King
Neptune gets the staff, he will become insane, starting a massacre. Not only
will I die, all the witches near by will also be goners.’’
Now Han understood. The only reason why Wu Dengfeng does not want to
perform spiritual forging is because he does not want to create an insane

With King Neptune's powers, once insane, it will become uncontrollable. The
results were very scary.
Thinking for a moment, Han said with a bitter smile, ’’Right now, regardless if
you forge the staff for King Neptune or not, he will not let you live. Also, your
apprentices, they will all go down with you.’’
’’This is inevitable, I was being greedy. Greed will always have its cost, I knew
that King Neptune was not trustworthy, yet I still decided to cooperate with
him. This is such a tragedy.’’ Wu Dengfeng ridiculed himself.
Han lowers his voice, ’’Actually, I have an idea.’’
Wu Dengfeng's eyes brightened up and asked, ’’What idea?’’
Han says, ’’Instead of waiting for our deaths, we should fight our way through.’’
’’I think there are two areas we can approach from. One being forging the staff.
King Neptune wants a spiritually embedded staff, then just make one for him,
but you have to control the staff's ability, not allowing King Neptune to
become stronger, but to make him weaker.’’
’’And then, you have to trust me. Once I find an opportunity, I can kill him.’’
Wu Dengfeng was suddenly in shock. Han's suggestion was a plausible way.
King Neptune wants a staff, but this staff will not improve his powers, but
instead it will destroy him.
As for Han, Wu Dengfeng was starting to feel that there was more to him than
what he originally thought. Maybe this young man can save his life at a crucial
Glancing around, everyone had given up, only having despair. Wu Dengfeng's
only hope was to rely on Han to save his life.
At this moment, Han said with confidence, ’’As long as I am not dead, you won't
be. Let's combine forces and fight for it! After all, there is nothing more
torturing than waiting for our death.’’
Wu Dengfeng was shocked once again, nodding his head with his teeth
An hour have passed by. Witch warriors appeared in the cell again. This time
they had their eyes locked on Han, Han repressed all of Wu Dengfeng's
apprentices, which avoided anyone ratting them out. This left the withes in
’’Slow down!’’ Wu Dengfeng suddenly stood up and said, ’’I will accept your
terms, to forge what your King Neptune wants right away. However, I also have
one condition.’’
’’What condition?’’ The witch with colorful feathers on his head sneered and
asked, as if he can feel the fear of Wu Dengfeng. The two dead bodies with their
skins stripped was starting to have an effect.
Wu Dengfeng pointed at Han and said, ’’I don't trust anyone else. I want Han to
be my apprentice, he has to protect me. Wherever I go, Han also has to go. If

you cannot comply, this is over.’’
The witch warrior thought about his request and said, ’’I will report this to
master Nan Duo. He will decide.’’
Afterwards, the witch warrior left the cell. Wu Dengfeng and his apprentices
were all relieved. As for Wu Dengfeng bringing Han with him, it seemed
normal as Han was the only one that stood up and protected him as everyone
was about to betray him just a moment ago.
Even Nan Duo had a similar viewpoint. He thought that Wu Dengfeng was
scared to death. As for Han, he did show some solid basic skills while fighting,
but this was the witch's holy realm, what can a human do with some basic
skills? Nan Duo did not think Han will be a threat.
Since Wu Dengfeng wants Han to be by his side in order for his to work, then so
be it.
Soon, the witch with colorful feathers on his head returned to the cell, talking
to Wu Dengfeng and Han, ’’Your request has been approved by master Nan Duo.
We will give you guys three days time to forge what our king wants, or else,
Han and Wu Dengfeng did not say anything, following the witch warrior
heading outside. Just before leaving, Wu Dengfeng turned back to see his
apprentices. He let out a long sigh and whispered, ’’This is as far as I go, you
guys take care of yourselves.’’
Han slightly nodded. No matter what, Wu Dengfeng was a forging master with
a bottom line, knowing that if he forged the staff, it will lead to King Neptune
becoming the scourge of the Milky Way galaxy. Thus, he firmly rejected this
request. As for treating his apprentices, Wu Dengfeng was also not bad.
Although they did betray him at one point, Wu Dengfeng still had some
feelings for them.
It is too bad that Wu Dengfeng's apprentices did not know, Han and Wu
Dengfeng was not giving King Neptune his staff, but to give him a staff of
’’You keep this for me, in case anything happens to me.’’ Wu Dengfeng quietly
took off the delicate ring on his pinky, handing it over to Han.


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