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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 279


Chapter 279: King Fantasy Neptune's Request
Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky
When the miraculous illusion technique began, Han could not help but be extremely shocked.
His eyebrows knitted in a frown.
Han had never seen such a powerful illusion before. In Han's vision, the thousand miles of
forest suddenly turned into a meadow. The swamps were gone, the trees were gone, and even
the animals in the forest were also gone.
How come an illusion could affect such a vast area? If Han did not see that by himself, he would
never believe it.
’’Eye of darkness!’’
Han's right eye once again turn pitch-black. This was the battle of his eye of darkness against
the illusion!
He failed.
Han actually found that his eye of darkness was not working out!
Even with the power of eye of darkness, all Han could see was still the same vast meadow. His
eye of darkness could not see through the intricacies of the illusion!
’’Impossible! This is impossible!’’ echoes of cries of bewilderment reverberated in Han's heart.
’’Come back, silver fox! This is truly extraordinary, this is some kind of illusion which I can't
break through. Leave those dark apostles alone and protect yourself!’’
Even more frightening was that the spiritual connection between Han and silver fox was lost
upon the starting of the illusion. Silver fox was undoubtedly in that grass land. However it was
like Han and silver fox were located in two different dimensions, one being the real world,
another being the world created by the illusion.
There was no doubt that King Fantasy Neptune was the only master who could work out an
illusion of this level.
Sha Emperor's last words passed through Han's mind. King Fantasy Neptune was of the
strongest of all the three kings. His combat power was far beyond Sha Emperor and King
Mandela. It seemed like what he said was true.
Han remembered that in the second level of dark net, he was not able to distinguish between
virtual reality and the real world either. Did that mean King Fantasy Neptune's unique skill was
analogous to how the dark net worked?
There were too many complicated puzzles to be solved, Han could not figure all of them out at
the same time.
At the same time, in the meadow created by the illusion, the dark apostles' conspiracy had been
completely revealed.

After the forest had been turned into grassland, the formidable power of the illusion tore down
all of the dark apostles' camouflage. Those snail-shaped boarding pods were revealed, as well
as the apostles in their invisible armor.
Even the dark apostles did not realize that King Fantasy Neptune's illusion techniques had
reached this level. The apostles could change their gene formulation and disguise themselves
as whoever they want, but at that moment, in the illusionary world created by King Fantasy
Neptune, even their DNA-level camouflage was not working at all. They were forced to reveal
Without disguise, the dark apostles could be described as 'human beings without a face'. Their
bodies and organs were the same as humans, but they did not have the five sensory organs, just
a plain face.
How could they live without a nose to breathe?
Because dark apostles were 'artificial persons', they did not rely on oxygen to maintain their
lives. Indeed, their lives were maintained by the biological fusion technology inserted inside in
their body, an analogy to the zero-degree brain field of espers. The human-made energy source
could provide apostles energy that was 99 percent similar to source energy.
King Fantasy Neptune's illusion was like a magic mirror, exposing all of the dark apostles.
After that, the witch warriors hiding all around narrowed their encirclement, gradually
approaching the dark apostles.
After a short period of panic among the apostles, they decided to break away from the
disadvantageous illusion. They gathered together, formed a tactical team consisting of sixteen
apostles and started to make attempts to break out.
The battle broke out soon enough. The apostles possessed the power of evil, however, the witch
warriors were also experts at a variety of sorcery. They released dreadful vampire insects,
which turned into monsters similar to pangolins, piercing into the ground. They also
summoned some kind of soul-like pure energy creature.
Han witnessed what was happening far away. Just when the witch warriors and the dark
apostles were about to use their unique skills and make a final bid for victory, Han suddenly
noticed the change in the camp.
Maybe it was because that the witch warriors were afraid that this fight would get to Wu
Dengfeng and his casting master team, a troop appeared at the camp and was trying to evacuate
At that moment Han had two choices, either to get back to the camp as soon as possible and
continue to hide, or to simply leave Wu Dengfeng's team and try to find an opportunity in the
13th planet on his own.
After he thought for a short moment, Han decided that it would be better not to expose himself
at that moment. After all, Han was still shocked by the magical illusion of King Fantasy
Neptune. The witch warriors were already directly confronting the dark apostles. If Han
managed his stamina properly, he still had a chance.
After Han thought of that, he hurriedly went down the hill, got back to the camp, and sneaked
into Wu Dengfeng's team.

’’What's going on here?’’ Han pretended to be waken up by noise, he walked out of the log cabin
and asked Wu Dengfeng.
’’Don't even mention it, these witch warriors say that some intruder got in. They want us to
move to the restricted area so they can better protect us.’’ Wu Dengfeng said.
Han frowned, ’’Did they not say that outsiders are prohibited from getting close?’’
’’How can I possibly know what these guys are thinking about! Let's wait and see, next time I
see King Fantasy Neptune I will make a solemn protest! In the middle of the night, how am I
supposed to sleep!’’ Wu Dengfeng waved his hand very dissatisfied.
There was no other way, Wu Dengfeng and his fellow apprentices had to follow the witch
guards to the hanging staircase. At the entrance, each of them was given a blinder and had their
eyes covered. They continued waking ahead with the support from witch warriors.
As a member of the team, Han was no exception, but that was only a leather-made blinder, it
could not stop Han from using his eye of darkness. He soon found that he was not taken to the
holy land of the witch clan which was on the top of the plain-topped mountain, but rather he
was taken downwards.
At the holy land of the witch clan, the plain-topped mountain.
An altar stood on the mountain. At that moment, the strongest among all three kings, King
Fantasy Neptune, was standing right at the center of the altar, carrying out his unique illusion
King Fantasy Neptune was quite a young man that had not reached his thirties yet. He had red
lips and white teeth, looking very handsome, and sitting on top of a shawl of black hair was the
great witch crown symbolizing the highest power in the witch clan.
King Fantasy Neptune kept his eyes closed. His hands were touching a black crystal, casting
spells, the veins on his temple raised.
The situation lasted a long period, King Fantasy Neptune finally opened up his eyes and
breathed a sigh of relied, he seemed a little bit tired.
King Fantasy Neptune's inseparable adviser Nan Duo said hurriedly, ’’My King, I admire you
great power! Under your powerful illusion, those damn intruders have no where to hide. Now
our troops have forced them into the polar encirclement, it will not take long for us to destroy
King Fantasy Neptune sneered and then said, ’’It's not that simple, I don't know where do these
enemies come from. They are not human nor any other know alien species, I tried my best and
only got them expelled.’’
In the meanwhile, King Fantasy Neptune's right hand kept stroking the black crystal.
This was a very strange-looking piece of crystal, it looked just like a specimen of human brain.
King Fantasy Neptune said in a deep voice, ’’Thanks to this precious treasure, my illusion could
reach this unprecedented level. Unfortunately, I am only able to make use of a little portion of
this crystal's energy. Only if I could make use all of this crystal's energy, I will no longer need
any guards, and I could kill all the intruders just by myself.’’
Nan Duo said angrily, ’’It was all because of that damn Wu Dengfeng! No one expected that the
great casting master Wu Daozi's grandson would be such a piece of useless garbage! How come

he could not meet your requirement even if we invited him from so far away and also promised
him generous rewards.’’
King Fantasy Neptune shook his head and said, ’’Indeed that bastard should be capable of doing
the job, it was just him not willing to put all his efforts in for me.’’
’’Forget it, after all the troubles caused by the intruders I've lost my interest in continuing to
badger with Wu Dengfeng, just do it your way. I hope he could understand soon enough that
what will his fate be if he do not complete what I want.’’
Nan Duo nodded heavily. A chilly light passed through his eyes and he then said in a deep voice,
’’Rest assured my dear king, let me handle this.’’
’’If Wu Dengfeng does not do as you wish, I'll make him suffer a living hell!’’
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