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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 277


Chapter 277: Turning Point
Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky
’’Slow down, I also like these warriors!’’
Just as Han finished speaking, he ignored all the surprised looks that people were giving him
and walked towards those soldiers, gently tapping the witch warrior leader on the shoulder.
With a smile he said, ’’If we are talking about business, it should be fair competition. If I were to
buy these men, how much would it cost?’’
Nan Duo, one of Fantasy Neptune's trusted advisers sneered:’’ I am afraid it cannot be done with
money. Wu Dengfeng is Fantasy Neptune's VIP guest, so these warriors are a gift to Mr. Wu.’’
Han shocked, looked at the dark faced man with heavy eyebrows and said, ’’So these men belong
to Mr.Wu already?’’
’’That's right.’’ Nan Duo nodded.
’’Fair enough.’’ Han politely escaped, ’’Now if you'll excuse me, I need to discuss business with
Mr. Wu.’’
Nan Duo looked very troubled. He never thought Han would have left and gone directly to Wu
Dengfeng to buy these slaves. As the situation changed, now it was very hard for him to get
involved again.
Wu Dengfeng thought Han was a very interesting individual and smiled, ’’You sure are clever,
but if you want to take these men from me, I am afraid you need a convincing reason.’’
Han said, ’’I have heard about the legendary forging master Wu a long time ago, I happen to
have a piece of unique metal with me. Would Mr. Wu be interested?’’
’’Metal? Let me have a look.’’ Since Wu Dengfeng was a forging master, his interests towards
metals exceeded the interest he had on these men, but he warned Han. ’’I have seen all kinds of
metals in my lifetime, so if you are trying to fool me with low class metal, don't say I didn't
warn you about the consequences.’’
Han hands over a piece of dark reddish metal with gold embedded into Wu Dengfeng's hands.
This was the Fire Drake Forging Gold. Han forced the Fire Drake to transform and slaughtered
it to acquire such a rare metal.
Wu Dengfeng was shocked. He grabbed the Fire Drake Forging Gold into his hands and took a
careful inspection of it and let out a deep breath, ’’This is definitely a type of metal that I have
never seen before, its spectacular! Where did you get this?’’
Han did not speak, but took a glance around. Wu Dengfeng understood his intentions.
Wu Dengfeng dragged Han closer and insisted, ’’This is not the right place to talk, follow me!’’
Without any explanations, Wu Dengfeng took Han back to his hotel. To welcome such a special
and important guest, the glamorous hotel was completely shut down to outsiders. The only
people living in this monumental facility were Wu Dengfeng and his men.

Wu Dengfeng told his apprentices to set up the metal detecting analyzer, and was busy for
several hours in his room before appearing in the living room filled with joy.
Wu Dengfeng was somewhat disappointed ’’Your piece of metal is astonishing, but there is not
enough of it.’’
Han said with a smile. Wu Dengfeng was not able to identify it as Fire Drake Forging gold and
obviously did not want to give it back to Han.
Han spoke politely, ’’Master Wu, I am going to be very straight forward with you. If you want
that piece of metal, you have to give me all the men that you brought today. I will also impart to
you information about the metal's origin.’’
Wu Dengfeng looked very hesitant and asked ’’Where? Where did you get it from!?’’
’’Those men.’’
Wu Dengfeng waved his arm and says ’’Sigh, it's only some men, they are all yours! Now, where
does this metal originate from?’’
Han's first desire has been fulfilled, speaking very formally, ’’To tell you the truth, the reason
why I came to Deliface is to find the origin of this metal.’’
Wu Dengfeng asked with curiosity, ’’How so? Are you saying this metal originates from
Han mysteriously speaking, ’’This is a long story, it dates all the way back to my grandfather's
The first rule of being a profiteer; In order to ask for an outrageous price, a good quality product
was not enough, there must be a shocking story that people can pass on for centuries.
A chair was worth 100.
A chair made from yellow rosewood can sell for 1,000.
A yellow rosewood chair sat on by the queen is now worth 10,000.
Suppose not only is this chair made from yellow rosewood, sat on by the queen, and the queen
was very naughty. She had an intimate relationship with the servant, got pregnant with an
infant, and the infant was then choked to death on this chair.
Now that there is a cruel but shocking story behind this chair, it becomes priceless.
Even though Han was not a profiteer himself, but he fully understood the mechanisms behind
such practices. So he made up a story of how his grandfather put in extensive efforts and
dedication into finding this piece of metal, causing the family to be chased down over the past
decades. Han elaborated on the suffering his ’’family’’ endured over the years, and finally
discovering that the origin was on Deliface in the # 13 constellation.
When he has finally tracked down this location, he found that # 13 constellation was a restricted
area, and no one was allowed to enter,
This story had so many turning points it left Wu Dengfeng constantly in shock, and even a bit
To say Han's story was flawless, that's not true, but the cleverness was that # 13 constellation
was the witch's holy realm, a restricted area, and it was famously known as the source of all

kinds of strange phenomenon. This was why Wu Dengfeng believed the story and thought it
was possible.
Wu Dengfeng let out a deep breath, ’’So that is what happened. It seems like your family has
been trying to locate this metal for hundreds of years now, and after overcoming all those
obstacles, it must have been really tough.’’
Inquiring further details on the metal, Wu Dengfeng says ’’Coincidentally, Fantasy Neptune has
invited me to # 13 constellation to forge him a new weapon, before the witch died, did he tell you
the exact location of where to find this metal? #13 constellation is not a small place, it is an
entire planet.’’
’’He did mention it.’’
Han shook his head in silence.
Wu Dengfeng quickly realized and added, ’’That was really dumb of me. How can you tell me so
easily, that is a secret your family has been searching for hundreds of years.’’
Han rolled his eyes and whispers, ’’Actually, I can tell you.’’
Wu Dengfeng speaking with confidence, ’’Oh? If you tell me the exact location of this metal, I
will think of a way to mine it!’’
Han said, ’’Master Wu, I trust you, but in the end, this is still a business.’’
After bursting out in laughter, Wu Dengfeng lowered his voice and said, ’’You are absolutely
right. Once its done, you can take 30% of the metal.’’
Han was silent.
Han frowned a little and remained silent.
Clenching his teeth, Wu Dengfeng says ’’You know what, since fate has brought us together, my
brother, I will split it in half with you! Is that good enough for you?’’
’’Deal.’’ Han extended his right arm with a smile, ’’But I also need to go to # 13 constellation, to
witness the mining of such precious and spectacular metal. Or else, I won't tell you the location
even if you kill me.’’
Wu Dengfeng surprised, standing up and walking across the living room back and forth.
Finally, his desire for the Fire Drake Forging Gold got the better of him and Wu Dengfeng
conceded, ’’It can be done, but however, you have to follow my instructions.’’
’’No problem.’’ As Han nods.
Deliface constellation, # 1 constellation, Fantasy Neptune's castle.
Nan Duo was reporting Wu Dengfeng's newest demands to Fantasy Neptune.
Fantasy Neptune with a deep cold voice, ’’Wu wants to take a stranger into the holy realm?’’
Nan Duo replies, ’’Yes, he said he met a new human. Wu claimed that he is very talented in
forging, and to forge a new weapon for you, this man must be his assistant.’’
Fantasy Neptune sneered, ’’What do you think?’’

’’Excuses! Absurd excuses!’’ Nan Duo complaining in anger, ’’A stranger he just met can be Wu
Dengfeng's assistant? They are treating us like fools, it is obvious that he wants to bring Han
for some reason we don't know about, we should refuse him!’’
Fantasy Neptune shaking his head, ’’No, grant him permission.’’
’’My lord! If you agree to his terms, I am afraid Wu Dengfeng will push even further.’’
’’He can go right ahead! Right now, we are in need of him, so we must not upset Wu Dengfeng or
else it will ruin my big plans. Go, do as I say, regardless of how outrageous Wu Dengfeng's
demands are, grant him permission. As long as he can do what I asked, pff!’’
Nan Duo's eyes suddenly brightened up and whispers, ’’After his work is finished, we get rid of
them both?’’
Fantasy Neptune stated without a doubt, ’’This stays between you and I. Now go, make this
Mr.Wu satisfied.’’


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