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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 273


Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky
9527 curiously followed Han into the practice room; there was a complicated machine in the
corner, which was used to assess source energy index of espers, commonly known as the bull'seye
Han took a deep breath, and then he gave a fist with all his strength towards the bull's eye of
the machine.
There was a huge noise upon contact; the machine then started to wobble quickly and fiercely.
Han's source energy was indeed not pure at all; it had a great deal of dark power mixed in. But
all in all, that bull's-eye machine was an advanced product of the All Gods Corporation. Even
though it wobbled fiercely, it withstood the shock and did not collapse.
The machine started to calculate Han's source energy index with some extremely complicated
algorithm. 9527 slightly frowned before asking, ’’What's that thing over your hand?’’
Han took off his boxing gloves, threw them to 9527, and then said, ’’Some kind of boxing gloves.
This thing is really helpful; once I put this thing on, the dark power resides all over my body
becomes concentrated on my fist, without weaking my eye of darkness.
9527 was shocked. He held Han's dark boxing gloves and took a closer look; he then said in his
deep voice, ’’The quality is quite good. It used soft dark gold as a medium. where did you get this
thing from?’’
So Han told 9527 the whole story about the dark boxing gloves as well as the Dark King who
swept out the whole milky way. 9527 constantly nodded while carefully listening.
’’So there was this guy from your little milky way galaxy? He swept out the whole galaxy with
dark power? And according to you, this guy named Dark King was at last not killed by any
human in the milky way galaxy, but rather he died because he ran into a dark hole himself?’’
9527 asked.
’’That's what other people says. I didn't go into details, because I wasn't even born at that time,’’
Han said as he shrugged his shoulders.
At this time, the bull's-eye machine has given a final result.
Seven million two hundred and thirty thousand!
’’Great!’’ Han fiercely waved his fist and loudly said, ’’No wonder I feel like I'm stronger than
before, my source energy index went up so much!’’
9527 was shocked at first, and then he nodded and said, ’’Looks like your body is well-suited for
this kind of dark power. Once you have accumulated enough quantity of dark power, a further
increase in quantity leads to an increase in overall quality. You're now one step closer to a

’’The last time you took this test, you were only a junior level quasi-warlord, and now you have
entered into the senior-level. It will be desirable if you could get a few more dark crystals like
this. Ising the power they provide you with, you can make a breakthrough to the warlord level.
After all, it should be harder for you to get a promotion from now on than before. Without any
external aid, I am afraid that you might not be able to make rapid progress like you used to.’’
Han was puzzled. ’’What do you mean by harder than before?’’
9527 replied, ’’There are two reasons. First, your mixed source energy, don't say that your
source energy index just went higher than seven million. In fact, I'm afraid that your real
source energy is at most half of that number, and the rest were all contributed by the dark
power. Among all espers, having mixed source energy will increase the level of difficulty of
making improvements, that's something that has been concluded long ago.’’
’’Second, it's about level. The stronger the type of an esper, the harder it will be for him to get
promotions. I made some research while you were not around, and I found that no Void End
Esper has ever broken through the seven-star level in the history. Thus, it can be seen that your
esper ability was among the strongest ones of all esper abilities, and of course, also amongst the
ones that are hardest to promote.’’
Han thought for a minute and then he asked, ’’Is it really that important to become a seven star
9527 shot a glance at Han and then said in a high voice, ’’What do you mean? It's far more than
being just important! Have you ever heard that a warlord never dies?’’
Han nodded. ’’I've heard of it’’
9527 then said, ’’That's because once you made the breakthrough to a Seven Star Level, your
body will undergo a fierce sublimation, something that can be compared to the nirvana of a
phoenix. Let me make a simpler metaphor. To build a house, you will first need a foundation. A
process in which all of the cells in your body will rapidly split, and you will basically have a
brand new body. You can only make any further progress with this new body as the foundation,
and this foundation must be the one to lead you to the way to gods.’’
’’This nirvana will not happen without a hitch. it will need the Seven-star Level source energy
to activate. You will not be able to initiate this glamorous split without hitting a source energy
of ten million level, and if you cannot get it initiated, everything higher and stronger will have
nothing to do with you.’’
’’In fact, you've already had a cell split or body modification when you reached four-star level,
but back then, you were of low level, and the modification was not obvious either. As such, you
just might not have any feeling about it.’’
’’However the nirvana that happens after entering into the warlord level is completely different.
With a modified body, you can basically become an immortal; you can even live without oxygen,
and your body will be extremely powerful at least a hundred times stronger then before.
Han took a deep breath. He never knew that it was so important to reach seven-star level. Once
the source energy reached the ten million level, the body would automatically adjust in order to
adapt to future challenges.

Han said, ’’There are seven dark crystals like this in total, in which I have already absorbed three
of them. Moreover, I also know the possible location of another one of them. If everything goes
well, it should be in Deliface, a remote galaxy in the milky way.
9527 then seriously said, ’’Then you should consider finding this crystal in all possible means.
All in all, there shouldn't be many things that could support your substantial growth; every one
of them is very precious.’’
9527's tone suddenly changed; he then said, ’’But there is another thing you need to be aware of.
That is, if you are to absorb one more dark crystal, then the dark power in your zero-degree
brain field will overwhelm the source energy which espers are used to use.’’
’’More dark power than source energy, will this lead to any chain reaction? This is something
you need to pay attention to.’’
Han thought for a moment and then said, ’’All in all, no matter whether it's dark power or
source energy, isn't the combined energy index increased for sure? There should not be much to
worry about.’’
’’Maybe.’’ 9527 shook his head and said, ’’I don't know for sure. After all, I myself is not a
member of the dark energy users.’’
Han had a few more words with 9527, and then he went back to the Star Lord City.
Thanked to either Yuanyuan or Silver Fox, Han felt like his relationship with 9527 was getting
better and better; they started to talk a lot about themselves, and 9527 even started to put
himself in Han's shoes and solve puzzles for him.
When Han arrived at the apartment he rented at the Star Lord City, he was already exhausted.
Surprisingly, he found that there was someone standing in front of his door, and it was a girl.
’’Ye Weiwei!’’ Han recognized the girl's face; he was a little bit surprised, and he then shouted
her name out loud.
’’What brings you here? Last time I saw you, you were still with your Ancient Maple Leaf Family
exploring and migrating around,’’ Han said with a pleasantly surprised face. He opened up the
door and invited Ye Weiwei into his room.
Ye Weiwei was still wearing a tailor-made black jumpsuit, and her perfect figure was clearly
sketched out by the suit. One year has passed since the last time they met, and Han felt that she
has changed a bit. Like we all say, a girl could really change a lot during her growth; Ye Weiwei
seemed to be much more feminine than ever before.
’’The plan wasn't going so smooth. The main fleet of my family has begun to retreat to the
Milky Way Galaxy. On their way, they met the prophet Qiu De; he told us something about the
deep dark net and the path of all gods, so I came by to take a shot,’’ Ye Weiwei said while taking
over the cup Han handed over.
’’Your family encountered the Family of Gods, right?’’ Han whispered. As a bachelor, his home
was pretty messy, so he hurriedly picked up the clothes thrown on the sofa.
’’You're right. The Gods' Fleets are everywhere; they have completely blocked the path
connecting Milky Way Galaxy and the outside world; we're no match against them,’’ Ye Weiwei
nodded and said.

Han sighed and then said, ’’Seems like those bastards really wish for every single humans in
Milky Way to die, but don't be desperate, like I've told you before, the protector Chuli, he has an
ultra-long-range immigration plan.’’
Ye Weiwei said, ’’Right, back then we were too stubborn, we always thought we were a family
with the spirit of exploration, so we had the most complete star chart in the Milky Way.
However, facing powerful enemies like the gods, we're still far from enough.’’
’’Maybe you're right. First, we should immigrate our civilians to the Twin Horse Galaxy, and in
the meanwhile, we should try to explore the ways to restrain the gods in the deep dark net;
that's the only way to make our family survive.’’
Han gave a gentle smile, ’’Don't give yourself too much pressure. You have to believe that
there's got to be a way.’’
Han actually had another question he wanted to know, but when he was just going to ask, he
held it back.
Ye Gucheng once said, the reason that the Ancient Maple Leaf Family wanted to migrate was
not only because they were worried about the safety of their family, but more importantly, they
wanted to find Ye Weiwei's true parents. As for the result, who knows?
But that was Ye Weiwei's personal business, and Han felt that he should better not ask it. The
result did not seem to be very optimistic simply from Ye Weiwei's face.
’’You can put on your dress here,’’ Han said to Ye Weiwei with a smile on his face.
Ye Weiwei's face went red; she pointed at her Dimension Ring and said, ’’Sure, I've got my dress
with me.’’
’’Go change your suit; it must be quite uncomfortable wearing a tight leather jumpsuit all day,’’
Han said at his leisure.
Ye Weiwei nodded and then carefully went into Han's bedroom. Suddenly, there was another
guy knocking on the door. Han opened up the door and saw Jian Jia.


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