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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 269


Chapter 269: The Real Body of the Fire Drake
Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky
As the huge monster fire drake crashed down, Silver fox, Demon claw, and the fellow genetic
beasts rushed to Han, all with a look of concern on their faces. The silly Silver fox saw smoke
rising from Han's body so he puffed out his cheeks and blew out towards Han's face to try to
cool him down.
’’I'm fine.’’ Han stood up and pressed the button to put away his helmet. Shabu~, after a short
and quick sound, the concealed helmet went back into his combat uniform automatically.
Han's body was burnt red. The moment that he made contact with the flame sprayed by the fire
drake, he felt excruciating heat, but fortunately because he was protected from the energy
coating, and the short contact time, he just felt a wave of chest pain, which was not a big deal.
At the moment that Han killed the fire drake, the Lovran brothers also came down to the black
’’Don't be angry, just don't be angry.’’ said Mountain Lovran in a deep voice as he nervously
pressed on his brother's shoulder.
River Lovran, on the other hand, was breathing heavily, trying to suppress his manic mind.
Mountain Lovran said, ’’Just leave Han to fight with the fire drake. even though Han is no match
for the fire drake, he will definitely hurt the fire drake to some extent. Once the fire drake has
killed Han, we shall continue and slay the fire drake or we could just leave, either is a good
’’After all our mission is just to make sure Han dies, it would be the same even if it is the fire
drake who kills him.’’
River Lovran nodded and said to his older brother, ’’I'm fine now. Back a while ago, I was really
close to blowing up.’’
Mountain Lovran said, ’’Don't get easily enraged, you know the reason why. It seems like you
will still have to practice alone when we get back to better discipline yourself’’
’’Sure.’’ River Lovran nodded. ’’Don't worry, some day I will be able to control the demon within
my mind.’’
As they were talking, suddenly, the huge black mountain wobbled furiously, a red glow
emanated out right from the summit, rushing into the distant horizon.
’’Is that Han?’’
’’He's not dead yet?’’
’’He made the fire drake show his real body!’’
The Lovran brothers had a few words with each other. River Lovran sneered and then said, ’’Han
is such a reckless guy, how could the fire drake; a universe-level beast be so easy to deal with.
He doesn't even know the real power of the fire drake lies in its ability of transfiguration! He is

the incarnation of the infernal flame. The fire drake shows it real dreadful form after he evolves
and takes off any substance.’’
Mountain Lovran nodded, ’’You are right. Han's got quite some skills that he could make the fire
drake transform, but after that, he's definitely dead.’’
Han took out the three-edged blade, stood up. He was going to cut off the fire drake's head,
which after all, was raw material coming from a universe-level beast. He had not obtained any
raw material this precious before, so he could definitely build some more powerful genetic
beasts out of this.
Just after Han took his first step, a sharp howl reached his ear. It was not from the dead fire
drake nor from the ghost claw or some other genetic beasts, but Han's dimension ring!
Han was shocked. His eyes squinted with suspicion.
He remembered that sound clearly, that was from the black egg!
Speaking of which, as Han entered the path of warrior for quite some time he has collected
numerous precious treasures, but when it came to the most unusual one it was still this black
The black egg itself was really nothing much, the key was the extremely mysterious creature
inside the egg.
At first, the little monster living inside this black egg wanted to break out from the shell. It
absorbed Han's energy and also any other possible source of energy to eat.
After that, Han acquired the godly-weapon Star-Strangling Boa by coincidence. He threatened
the black egg with the godly-weapon and even absorbed a portion of the energy of the
mysterious creature living in the black egg.
Since then, the mystery creature inside the egg seemed to be angry with Han and refused to pay
any attention to him anymore, so it was like he simply started hibernating.
Han did not expect the mystery creature inside the black egg to provide him much help in the
first place. Han was carrying him around just out of curiosity, so Han just let the mysterious
creature take his rest, not intending to force him to come out.
Today, however, after Han slayed the fire drake, it was like the mysterious creature inside the
black egg came back alive again. He issued a severe warning. Han could also hear a desire and
itch to try, seeming like the dead fire drake inspired the curiosity and fighting will of the
creature inside the black egg.
’’How come this mysterious creature became so emotional? Could it be that he sensed a threat!?’’
Han was suddenly shocked, he thought to himself.
It was just at that moment, the atmosphere changed!
Some astonishing change happened on the dead body of the fire drake!
The black scales all over the fire drake's body suddenly started to shed, revealing the red
cellular tissue underneath.

It was only a few seconds after that the fire drake stood up again. It made a furious howling
sound, just like a proclamation of his own return!
He was no longer a long snake-like black beast but instead an all-red fire dragon!
Han took all the genetic beasts back into the Lunar Mark, because the underground world was
spewing infernal flames everywhere. It was getting hotter and hotter, and silver fox and the
fellow genetic beasts did not have the energy coating protection which Han had, so if they were
to stay in the battlefield for any longer, they would soon get burnt.
Soon enough, even the red desert started to burn. The sands flickered red light, just like burning
The territory of fire!
That was the true appearance of the territory of fire!
Even under the double protection from both the combat uniform and the energy coating, Han
still felt that it was difficult to open his eyes. The hair all over his body was about to burn.
How to arrange an attack when confronted with a monster composed of flame? Was it even
possible to kill such a monster?
When Han was busy trying to figure out a way to slay the fire drake, however, the fire drake
started its attack!
After his transformation, the fire drake stopped spitting fire, since he was the strongest flame
The fire drake turned its claw towards Han, Han lifted his Star-Strangling Boa to block the
With a tremendous sound, Han was knocked up into the middle of the air, the enormous impact
force almost knocked the Star-Strangling Boa out of Han's hand.
When the fire drake was getting close to Han, Han felt like he was placed in a huge steel
furnace. Even the godly-weapon Star-Strangling Boa was belching black smoke. Han felt
painfully burnt from top to bottom even under the double protection from his armor.
The combat was becoming more and more preferable to the fire drake. After his
transformation, Han suddenly lost the help from the genetic beast army. Even the demon claw,
the strongest among them; could not resist such high temperature. Of course they were loyal to
Han, and they were willing to fight for him, but under that situation, letting them fight was no
different than sending them to death! Han could not let that happen, so he had no choice but to
fight alone.
’’The path of demon!’’
Han made every bit of his effort and tried to use the path of demon to find a way to fight the fire
The fire drake did not even try to dodge Han's attack. Facing the black mist-surrounded Han,
instead of dodging, the fire drake chose a head-on attack!

The fire drake gave Han a taste of his own medicine. At first it was Han who chose to the fight
with the fire drake in a head on manner. However, after the fire drake had completed his
transformation, relying on his much higher power than Han, he did not even bother to dodge
Han's attack.
Han was knocked far back, injured with a painful burn. Han could not be compared with the
transformed fire drake even in terms of physical strength.
The fire drake sure deserved to be called a universe-level beast, the consanguinity of dragons.
After his transformation, the fire drake revealed the craziest combat power Han had ever seen.
’’The path of demon!’’
Han got up from the ground and launched his attack again!
If the first attack was not working out, then attack the second time! If the second attack was not
successful as well, then try it a third time!
In a nutshell, once the attack has started, it should not be stopped until death! Han did not
believe in the existence of immortal, he believed that there must not be any creature that could
not be killed!
If there shall be an enemy that you failed kill for several times, the reason should just be that
you are not strong enough!
Once again, Han was knocked up in the air, he felt that his skin has already started to shrivel
due to severe burns.
That was even under three layers of protection, except for the combat uniform and the energy
coating, Han was also surrounded by a black mist; the power from darkness!
It was proved that the power of darkness could also play a role in defense, but unfortunately the
power Han got from darkness was not strong enough to resist any of the attack of the godlybeast
fire drake.
The battle has become increasingly horrifying.
The path of demon!
The path of demon!
The path of demon!
Again and again, Han climbed up from the ground, rushed to the fire drake, and then smashed
back to the same place without any progression. Against such a godly-beast, fire drake; Han's
attacks could do no harm to him.
Han was exhausted; he has taken excessive amounts of drugs and tried his most powerful
The mysterious creature in the black egg kept barking, seeming like he was eagerly asking for
permission to battle.

’’Shut up! I'm not dead yet!’’ Han once again got up from the ground and he growled towards
the black egg.
A piece of black crystal appeared in Han's hand. Other than the black egg, that was Han's last
resort, the hand of darkness!


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