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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 263


Chapter 263: One Versus Six
Translator: Cucumber Strips Editor: Jacky
With Han's warning, other people also noticed that there seemed to be beasts approaching and
surrounding them. Pairs of green eyes appeared around them, creating a chilling atmosphere.
’’Here, follow me!’’
Han led the team and started sprinting again, and the creatures that were hidden in the forest
followed as if they were not in a rush to strike, but cunningly waiting for their prey to make a
Even those people that really wanted to kill Han couldn't help but admit, Han was indeed an
excellent leader. Under his lead, this team didn't run into any traps, and escaped the terrifying
creatures' attacks again and again.
Shua~ Shua~
Hunchback Jensen observed Han as he ran, scratching his face from time to time.
His fingers were becoming sticky, and he noticed that skin began falling off from the excessive
scratching. But he still couldn't help but want to scratch it, as his face and body became
increasingly itchy. But under the thick combat suit, Jensen couldn't get his body, so he only
could scratch his face and neck harder.
’’Jensen, you-’’
When bald man Jacques turned around and saw Jensen, a terrified look showed on his face and
his voice suddenly stuttered as if he saw something abnormally terrifying.
Jensen suddenly hesitated, lifted his left hand and opened up the second layer of his automatic
drug kit. There was a mirror there, and he really wanted to know, why did Jacque look like he
saw a demon when he saw his face.
Jensen finally saw his face. It was a terrifyingly ugly one covered in bloody clumps, like a piece
of rotten meat with an ugly hump on the back, and his whole body was bent like a shrimp.
Jensen almost couldn't believe that was him. After many years of training, his sharp eyes saw
that there seemed to be many creatures undetectable by the naked eye crawling in his skin,
crazily eating away his already-ugly face.
It was also at that moment, Han who was leading at the front suddenly stopped his footsteps.
He twisted his body in the unconventional way to change his footstep, then he shot himself
backwards like a tight spring.
This move was very strange. No one understood how Han could directly change his body's
angle while going full-speed ahead.
But they had no time to figure it out, because Han not only sprung back, his fingers also lightly
touched the Lunar Mark and took out his Ares-class weapon, the Star-Strangling Boa!

’’Kill him quick! He's being attacked by Star Soldier Ants!’’ Han shouted, ’’We are all screwed if
we don't kill him!’’
Star Soldier Ants?
Everyone's head became covered in cold sweat. This was a species of evil little ants. After being
attracted by the source energy of espers, they would become insane and begin chewing the
soldiers' body non-stop. Their final destination was to chew all the way to the soldier's zerodegree
brain region, and eat that aggregation of special cells.
When hunchback Jensen handed out the Star Soldier Ants' poo, he said that this could prevent
the attack of this terrifying creature, but how was he attacked instead? No one could understand
this problem.
Han flew right towards Jensen's chest with his triple-edged blade.
And at this moment, the ugly hunchback finally understood, all of this was Han's doing!
This cunning guy, don't know what means Han used but he actually baited the Star Soldier Ants
to attack him first, and that was what Jensen originally had planned for Han. The black
medicine pill he gave to Han was fake, and it not only won't prevent attacks but would attract
Star Soldier Ants.
Thinking about this, Jensen became enraged. Han's really too ruthless, returning a tooth for a
tooth, letting the Star Soldier Ants chew him until he looked like an ugly demon! This
absolutely couldn't be forgiven! Absolutely couldn't!
Jensen also charged towards Han, with his arms open, his chewed-up face becoming extremely
ugly and hideous. Long and sharp nails began growing out from his fingers, and his eyes also
instantly became black.
As a warlord-level killer, Jensen also had his own stunt, and that was his transformation.
Jensen's waist suddenly didn't bend anymore and the hump on his back immediately exploded.
From the hump, a dense mass of black spiders crawled out. At that point, Jensen was too
enraged to think too much, so he insisted on fighting to the death with the Han who played
This scene was terrifying, an ugly hump with a face that was chewed up by ants suddenly
transforming, and countless black spiders with short hair crawling out from the hump on his
Anyone that saw this scene would instinctively feel terrified. There were many soldiers and
assassins in the world that mutated themselves in order to obtain higher combat strength, and
Jensen was one of them.
Suddenly, Han swiftly changed his stature, turning from Jensen's front to his side, where the
bald man Jacques and the other four assassins stood. They were scared of the Star Soldier Ants
so they didn't rush up to help Jensen right away.
’’Path of Gods!’’

Han's edge suddenly soared high towards the sky, like the blade of god.
When the blade sliced down, it actually brought down white thunder with it!
This was the fourth path of the Void, the power of the Path of Gods!
The white light fell straight down from thirty thousand miles up high, seemingly capable of
slaughtering all gods!
Those assassins were already terrified and stunned for a second by unexpected factors the
mutated Jensen, Star Soldier Ants, and Han's movements. Even though they were assassins that
received excellent training, they still couldn't wake up from this series of shocks.
The cunning Han, everyone thought he was targeting Jensen, but his actual target was actually
those four other assassins that were relatively weaker among the assassin group.
When the white light dissipated, the people that were still alive saw a huge pit appeared on the
ground, as if it was created by a giant god's hammer. The jungle disappeared, it turned into
scorched earth. At the edge of that big smoking pit, Han single-handedly held his blade.
Th edge was held against the ground, and Han lowered his stature, like a poised beast, ready to
charge again to strike his enemies.
In that huge pit created by the Path of Gods, there were three corpses. They were all shattered
into pieces and burned.
It can be seen, when one that possessed the power of darkness used his ultimate Path of Gods
technique, how terrifying the result was.
In front of Han, across the deep pit, was the already mutated Jensen and bald guy Jacques, and
another assassin covered in blood whose name Han didn't know.
At the moment Han's Path of God landed, this assassin's reflex was very fast so he didn't die
and escaped the attack range, but he was still severely injured. His expensive soft combat armor
was torn open by the amazing power of the Path of Gods, with flesh turned outward exposing
bones and leaking blood.
’’Big brother.’’ At the end of the team formation, little brother Big River whispered.
’’Don't move.’’ Big brother Big Mountain replied.
’’Because Han is different from what we imagined. He seems to have many cards in his sleeves.’’
’’Then what do we do?’’
’’Wait until when?’’
’’When Han reveals all his cards.’’
’’When is he going to do that?’’
’’Soon, because the hunch back is already crazy. And that bald guy, look at his arm, it's slowly
turning black. Maybe that's poison, or maybe it's also the power of darkness used by Han.’’

’’So they won't be easy to deal with. In this battle, Han would for sure use all his strength. After
he does that, we can then easily finish him off?’’
’’Yep, let's see what he's got!’’


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