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Galactic Dark Net - Chapter 260


Chapter 260: Return with Full Harvest

’’Come check this thing out. This is the purifier used by the pharmacists. It's a very old model
due to this type of machine being constructed with a very rare type of dark metal. It's no longer
being produced now.’’
’’But from performance, this machine is far better than the models currently in use by
pharmacists. You know as well how important the purification process is to pharmacists. Even
the one thousandths of impurities may very likely cause the entire medicine's effect to go
south, so this old model purifier may be helpful for you. After all, due to your unique physique,
you need to frequently take a lot of medicine.’’ 9527 pointed at a very small silver machine and
Han placed this purifier in his hand. Heavy, excellent design, it was indeed a fine model that
was rare to come across.
’’And this thing, the blueprint for the Thunder series transition engine. The biggest feature of
this engine is its fast speed and short cooling time, capable of increasing the speed of the star
ship by 80%.’’ 9527 then took out another set of discs containing blueprints to Han.
Han suddenly hesitated, increasing star ship speed by 80%? That's way too terrifying!
After countless years of development, the transition engine's technology was already one of the
most developed technologies in the universe. On this basis, the performance can still be
improved further by that much?
While talking, 9527 stuffed a lot of interesting things to Han's arms. The majority were things
that the Earth army or the robot legion may be able to use later, and some were things that
could perhaps be useful to Han later on.
Han slightly frowned and asked in curiosity, ’’How many points will this much things cost?’’
9527 shook his head, ’’Zero. You bought the Prime Minister chip, these are all included.’’
Unbelievable. The value of all these things was probably worth even more than that mysterious
little chip, and they actually came with the purchase?
Until the receipt was printed out, Han noticed that it really only costed 120 million points for all
those things. That's when he finally believed it and calmed down.
The receipt was automated by the dark net system. It wouldn't lie, nor was there anyone that
could mess with it.
Han suddenly came to a realization, smiled and said to 9527, ’’No wonder you let me spend so
much on a small chip. Looks like there's an ulterior motive haha. The chip isn't really valuable,
what's important are the things that are included, they are too useful for me!’’
’’Thank you so much! If it wasn't for you, how would I know that there's such a trick in the
transition station.’’

9527 blinked and muttered, ’’Think whatever you want to think, after all these things are all
yours now.’’
’’Gotcha! Long Chuan and the others will be happy to death this time! I must get back fast and
give these things to them.’’ Han said with an unusual level of excitement.
Han hurriedly left the transition station, and the transition station that was just bustling
because of Han and the other little guys, became quiet again.
9527 looked at the place where Han's particle module disappeared, and gently sighed.
His palm gently waved, and a display appeared in the air, indicating a skew of account
information. Everyone that arrived at the dark net had an account, but what was strange was
that 9527's account section had no name. The name section was blank.
’’Points, what use do I have for that?’’ 9527 pouted and said.
He gently waved and transferred the 120 million points that was just given by Han into this
nameless account. And, this account's balance showed a long list of numbers, the total was
unbelievably large.
After Han brought the goodies back to Earth, he divided them into two parts, shipped most of
them to the Twin Horse Galaxy and handed it to the leader robot Source, and then gave him
responsibility for the distribution.
Everyone was excited because Han brought back many incredible existences, such as energy
armor that even ordinary people could wear, a powerful new transition engine model, and even
complete laser weapon blueprints.
After this equipment became massed produced, the Earth Army and the Robot Legion's combat
strength would significantly improve, allowing the once-vulnerable Earth to become a force in
the Milky Way that could not be taken lightly of.
This was the joint effect mentioned by Han before: Han worked hard in the dark net world and
in turn affected the reality, and not only Han improved drastically but the Earth Army also
benefited significantly.
Han told everything to the Three Addicts and Ke Lake, and they desired to join the dark net even
After finishing all this, Han returned to the Star Lord City and went to the mission center.
As one of the biggest institutions in the Star Lord City, the mission distribution center occupied
a prominent location at the center of the city. This center of the city was almost like a small city
of its own, formed by 36 gigantic buildings.
Since people had been recently receiving the legendary Wind Forest Volcano mission, the
mission distribution center was flooded with people, and even some old people that still
weren't able to get the Star Lord qualification came out. Although they don't have much time
left, but there's still hope and desire in their eyes.
This was because the moment they receive the Star Lord qualification, they could start
challenging even higher level layers. After entering the third layer of the dark net, the world
would be filled with all kinds of treasures, and some can help prolong the life of these old
soldiers or even restore youth.

So speaking from this point, these old soldiers that didn't have much time left were more
willing to give it their all than the young soldiers. For these people that have already spent
hundreds of years here, they already grew acceptance towards life and death.
The mission distribution center was constructed by 36 giant buildings, and each building had 12
quest distribution points. Han randomly picked one and started lining up.
Followed Lance's advice, Han took a look at the people in front and behind him. He noticed that
he was pretty lucky since he was surrounded by elite soldiers, especially a pair of similarlooking
brothers. The younger one looked very gentle and intelligent, and the older one looked
very powerful.
In front of Han was a bald man. His body was all white except his hands were black. Presumably
he practiced some kind of poison-related technique. When Han looked at him, he was also
looking at Han, and both faintly smiled and nodded at each other.
Han thought to himself, he heard that the Wind Forest Volcano was a 12-men quest. If he could
really get these people on his team, then it could be a good thing. Other than the 2 old men,
most people around Han all look like pretty strong fighters.
In fact, there were even better choices, Lance, Hei Xiaolin, and Bo Ya. These brothers of his were
very familiar with him, and then they could line up together. But these people all hoped to get
the Star Lord title, how would they wait for him especially after losing communication with
him for so long. They already went to some unknown quests.
’’Wind Forest Volcano!’’ Han suddenly heard someone in front of him shouting.
Han looked up, and it was one of the old soldiers who lined up in front of him. Seeing that he
actually managed to get this kind of good quest that had a very high chance of promotion, the
two old men were all excited to tears.
The staff at the mission center were also some locals in the city without any training. The one
responsible for Han's line was a middle-aged man, and he waved towards the people behind the
two old men and said, ’’Starting from these two, the next 10 people behind them will enter Wind
Forest Volcano mission. You guys don't have to draw anymore, just have to sign up over here
and then you will all be sent to the battlefield at a set time,’’
Very soon, the 12 people finished signing up. The situation was just as Han envisioned, other
than the two old men that didn't look too capable, the others all seemed to be really strong. It
was a group of elites, and the chance of acquiring the Star Lord title was very high.
’’Nice to meet you guys, let's take care of each other when we get onto the battlefield.’’ The taller
old man tried to shake hands with everyone and said.
’’The departure time is tomorrow morning, how about we first find a place and get familiar with
each other. Then on the battlefield, it will be easy for us to cooperate, and then we can
successfully get promoted.’’ The short old man said very sincerely.
’’No need.’’ That bold man coldly said and actually turned around and left.
Even the pair of brothers that Han looked highly of also reacted similarly. The younger and
nicer brother lightly tapped twice on Han's shoulder, smiled and said, ’’Not bad, I look forward
to going onto the battlefield with you. As for anything else, we will pass, we have other things
to do.’’

the blink of an eye people actually all left, leaving behind only Han and the two old men. Han
also felt that there's no point discussing with these two people, because if they really have the
capabilities, then they already left this place a long time ago. Staying here at such an age, it only
means that they aren't strong enough.
At this moment, the shorter old man said, ’’Those people are scared that we will pull behind
their legs, when we get onto the battlefield, we might be killed for being liabilities.’’
’’Yep, maybe they wanted to discuss tactics behind us two. But even if we will face death, going
to the Wind Forest Volcano is still a must. I've dreamed about this day for many years!’’
All hearts were flesh-grown, and after hearing the two old men said this, Han was a little
moved. He smiled and said, ’’Two old men, you guys are thinking too much, maybe they really
do have something else to take care of. But I have some time, let's go grab some coffee


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