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Boss’s Blind Date Notes - Chapter 33.1


Chapter 33.1

After I come back from Hong Kong, Su went abroad le. Therefore I do not required to accompany her to do anything on Thursday night, 'movie night', 'seek for patient at night street', 'night gathering with families and friends' and other activities. In that way....... maybe I can arrange some special activities for myself.

After work, I quickly changed and went up to level 23 to look for Yifan. Once coming out from the elevator, I found him wearing a suit and waiting at the elevator. He saw me and asked: 'Flower Fairy, how do I look?'

Don't tell me this is the legendary telepathic powers ma? But 'Flower Fairy' these 2 words still give me shivers. But in order to cooperate with him, I deliberately asked: 'Wow, Mr Handsome, so shiny. Going for another blind date ah?'

'Yes ah.' He faced toward the elevator door and straighten his necktie.

I quickly pretend to rummaged in the bag for a small book: 'Eh! Mama didn't arranged you to receive any guest ah.'

Yifan smiled and hold my hand: 'I'm going to see the Smurf. It is not arrange by you de.'

I laughed: 'You are going to see the Smurf, then I have to find you a black hat and a black cat.'

Yifan laughed: 'The Smurf ah. Still like me this handsome guy de. Going la, see you tomorrow!' After finished talking, he waved his hand and depart le. Can see, he's in a good mood.

I stood at the original place and it took me a long time to realise that Yifan didn't invite me to go downstairs. I saw my fuzzy makeup on the elevator door. Suddenly I felt myself childish and boring. Thus took out the tissue and mercilessly wiped off the lipstick on my lip.

Along the way, I wondered where I had heard the name Smurf.

The subway stops and goes. When I looked across the advertisement board of a male star sunny smile, suddenly I recall, it was on the same day and same mobile phone, simultaneously I discovered le the Smurf and Flower Fairy these two names.

Yifan's mobile phone.

In that case, it should be an old friend ba.

My mood was even more dreadful le. I got out of the subway station, wandering in the street and dialled Fatso's phone.

I asked: 'Do you know who the Smurf is?'

'Smurf?' Let me think about it.' Over the phone I heard Fatso cheerful and light-hearted voice, 'over the other side of the mountain there was a group of Smurfs.........'

The cheerful voice of fatso was so untimely. I interrupted him: 'No. In Yifan's mobile phone, I'm Flower Fairy. Because I was named Xiao Bei, and <Flower Fairy>was the name of the protagonist. There was a person named Smurf, do you know who?'

'Fxxk, Baby Thunder still play the same kind of trick ah. When he was 5 years old he enjoy playing something and he never get tire of it. In his mobile phone, I am what, have you come across?'

I was not in the mood to deal with him. I shake my head and thinking that he can't see, then continue to ask: 'Who is Smurf?'

'........ let me tell you ah, Xiao Bei. When I was young, I loved Flower Fairy too. My ideal girlfriend was like Flower Fairy that kind de. Gold hair and big eyes. In the end, when I grew up, I found that gold hair and big eyes indeed it was Monroe ah!'

I think under normal circumstances, I simply can't communicate with Fatso. Despite his nagging, I hung up the phone.

Ideal girlfriend? Huh, Yifan, what type of tough character who accompany you to grow up ah. Five years old never get tire of playing the same games? With whom?

I walked and unconsciously came to Red Makeup Fall Café.

Oh, it has been a long time le. If Yifan never come here for a blind date, I will never believe there is such an elegant and luxurious place to come around. I always accompany Yifan to meet up with all kinds of ladies, but I have never once had a normal coffee here.

I went to the third table in front of the window, where Yifan usually sit. I imagined him sitting opposite and said to me in a narcissistic way: 'From this angle, my face is more handsome and perfect.'

In fact, every time I want to say, Yifan whatever angle you are very handsome. But to be limited to solemn moment. Yifan do you know you can't laugh? Your laughter are too young and inexperienced, too pure........ too beautiful.

Someone came to ask me if I wanted to try the specialty coffee in the shop. I turned down his enthusiastic recommendation and ordered only a cup of cocoa. When I have worries, I react violently to caffeine and unable to sleep throughout the night.

I hold the warm cup, look toward the bustling street and bright lights. At this moment I have understood the meaning of so-called Red Makeup Fall. It's not what Yifan meant. Rather for the whole world woman, after washing away all obstacles and get rid of the troubles, then only be able to see clearly your heart.

While I was drinking the sweet drink, I quietly tell myself: Su went abroad le. Luo Luo was on business trip. Yifan went dating le. and I was probably just being lonely.

I have been sitting in Red Makeup Fall cafe for a long time only then I left. I still have the feeling of un-belonging. Just looking at the gorgeous neon light, wandering alone in the noisy and lonely night. The March night's air, still has a thin of cool breath.


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